12 Weed Accessories To Elevate Your Cannabis Game
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12 Weed Accessories For A Chill 4/20

Step up your cannabis game with 12 chiller-approved weed accessories for 4/20, and beyond.

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On the onset of Taurus season lies the world’s most secretly earnest holiday: 4/20. It’s a day for kicking back, when we can all engage in America’s true favorite pasttime: getting a little stoned. (Don’t forget to imbibe at 4/20’s official time: 4:20, a.m. or p.m., even both.) Thankfully, weed is now legal in almost half of the U.S., and even the embarrassingly slow to adopt legal cannabis seem to be getting the hint.

Despite whether federal law says it’s cool to get a little high, where there’s a will there’s a way. While many of us started out smoking with apple pipes and water bottle bongs, legal cannabis has ushered in a new wave of extremely cute weed accessories and ingestible treats over the last decade. No longer is stoner style synonymous with a ‘70s head shop aesthetic. Now, smoking accessories look as in place at a trendy furniture store as they do on your coffee table. Take Edie Parker’s glass pipes that belong in the Museum of Modern Art, or Cann, the cannabis tonic that gets you subtly and socially stoned at a party.

Ahead, find NYLON’s favorite, 4/20-friendly gifts for the stoners in your life.

Edie Parker Balloon Pipe

It’s as if Edie Parker bravely asked “What if you could smoke out of the Loewe balloon heels?” when designing their Balloon Pipe — and for that, I thank them. - LH