In Cann’s Holiday Campaign, The Greatest Gift Is Being Chill


In Cann’s Holiday Campaign, The Greatest Gift Is Being Chill

Meg Stalter, drag legend Raja, and more star in the Lake Bell-directed short about a holiday dinner saved by the cult favorite cannabis social tonic.

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We’ve all been at holiday dinners where the wine is flowing perhaps a little too much — where genial conversations devolve into nonsensical mutterings. But if you still to give you brain an escape hatch for an awkward family holiday dinner without the help of booze, may we suggest Cann, the THC-infused social tonic that’s not only a delicious, elevated drink, but lets your brain sink into a cloud of effervescent bliss without raising your blood alcohol level.

This season, Cann is partnering with Jane, the largest online cannabis marketplace, on a holiday campaign that inspires people to reconsider their relationship with alcohol this season — especially since studies show that people drink twice as much alcohol over the holidays. This season, you can get Cann delivered straight to your door using the Jane app.

Written and directed by actress-director extraordinaire Lake Bell, the campaign video follows Jane, played by Snowpiercer and Frances Ha actor Mickey Sumner (who, by the way, is serving Edie Falco glam in this video). Jane is stuck at a family dinner — her family being Meg Stalter, comedian Benito Skinner, and Bre-Z. — where everyone is arguing, drunk crying, or lunging their hands into 70s-era gelatinous concoctions, whipped cream covering their faces.


Enter the Fairy Cannmother, played by drag legend and RuPaul’s Drag Race winner Raja, who appears in sequins holding the elixir of social life: Cann. Jane takes a long swig and feels an instant calm. “Cannabis in a can,” she beams. “Thank you.” She uses Jane’s new shopping app to order Cann to her door and is thrust back into the utopic universe of a family dinner where everyone is eschewing alcohol for Cann — it’s a dinner reinvigorated as guests beam with joy and grandma gets down on the dance floor. “Merry microdosing, motherf*cker,” Raja tells Jane.

"I was so excited to work with Cann on this campaign,” Raja tells NYLON. “I have been an avid lover of their drinks since way before they asked me to be a part of this — and honestly, it felt a lot like being in a cannabis dreamland and not anything close to work. Who wouldn’t want to get creative and play in this dream under Lake Bell’s direction? I had a blast."

Watch Cann’s holiday campaign video, below.

Cann Social Tonics are available for pick up or delivery at local dispensaries through Jane’s cannabis shopping app or directly from Cann.

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