40 Cheap & Awesome Gifts On Amazon Even Picky People Will Love

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by Scarlett James
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Whether you're shopping for your discerning partner or an impossible-to-shop-for family member, nobody can resist a good Amazon find: those awesome, highly-rated products that fly under the radar and rack up thousands of reviews, making you wonder how you ever lived without them. There are so many cheap and awesome gifts on Amazon that even picky people will love, no matter who’s on your list.

Some of the best gifts you can give a person aren't always the most expensive. They're the things that will enhance their everyday life in subtle yet measurable ways or speak to a particular side that makes them feel like you truly get them. If someone has mentioned redecorating or spending a lot of time at home — which seems to be all of us lately — a set of smart plugs and matching bulbs that makes their home feel custom-fitted might really be the best gift you could give them. Likewise, if a person you know is always making to-do lists, a journal that’s a natural extension of their habit will feel especially personal, especially if they’re a night owl and you add in a book light.

Of course, sometimes you have no idea what that “thing” should be — or perhaps you prefer to err on the side of thoughtful rather than personal. In that case, consider exceptionally nice versions of the basics: a stylish faux leather tote bag that actually looks expensive, doubly-warm texting gloves in a cable knit, or bold versions of classic jewelry in affordable metals that won’t tarnish. Also universally beloved? Ridiculously fluffy slippers you can’t resist, an easy-to-use journal based on positive psychology, and the Himalayan salt lamp that increases positive vibrations. The picks here may be all over the map, but the reviews are not. These are the 40 Amazon finds that just about everyone on your list will be thrilled to unwrap.

Skin-sloughing acids and natural fruit enzymes combine to effectively remove dry skin with results you can't un-see but will believe. Just an hour in these disposable booties is all it takes for the ingredients to start working, and a few weeks of natural peeling left one shopper with skin they called "baby butt smooth," adding "10/10 would totally do it again. I regret nothing." For $28, you get a pack of two.


A HIMALAYAN SALT Lamp That Makes Any ROom Feel So Much Cozier

Himalayan salt lamps are reputed to release negative ions to cleanse the air (and the energy). Whether or not there’s any weight to the claim, Amazon shoppers love this one in particular for its grounding vibes and soothing amber glow with a built-in dimmer switch and natural neem wood base. “I'm a fanatic about light, and I did a lot of research on these lamps,” a reviewer confessed. “It is lovely, calming and gives off a warm enticing glow that I find peaceful and cozy. Not sure I believe a word about its purifying or other effects, but for me, and I am very very picky about light, it's perfect. The dimmer works nicely as well. Enjoying it so much.”

  • Available options: 2


A Nylon-Braided Charging Cable With So Many 5-Star Ratings

For the person with a perpetually mangled charger, the AmazonBasics Lightning cable may be the last one they'll ever need. It's protected with a sheath of braided nylon over layers of aluminum and copper for a sturdy cord with boosted signal strength and reinforced connections at each end. You can buy it in three different lengths, and it comes in colors like gold and blush to match all compatible Apple Lightning products. Don't be surprised if the recipient says it's better than the original.

  • Available options: 8


The Cotton Leggings They Will Absolutely Live In

"I have too many leggings," said nobody ever. This near-perfect pair of classic leggings are made from a cotton blend that's woven to help regulate body temperature and retain their shape over time — perfect for the person you know who's always too hot or too cold. They have a thinner elastic waistband with a mid-rise and a 29-inch inseam, making them perfect for every day and sturdy enough to last. "As far as I'm concerned, these are the best leggings I've ever worn," one fan swore. "I wear these for biking, for yoga, for hiking, and around the house. The price is great for the quality. They don't wear out quickly on active inner thighs, either, which is always a bonus...I own about five pair of these at any given time."

  • Available colors: 9
  • Available sizes: Small – 3X

These bestselling face masks are the pandemic-era equivalent of the perfect T-shirt. They're made from three layers — an outer shell of water-resistant polyester mesh protects two layers of cotton underneath so they're breathable and won't absorb as much moisture from the outside air. Best of all, they come in four different sizes for just the right fit, which breaks down to around $6 per mask.

  • Available options: 7


A Universally Compatible Charging Pad

Named one of the best charging pads in 2019 and 2020, the Anker wireless charger is a foolproof gift that people will get plenty of use from whether they're team iPhone or team Samsung. It recharges everything from phones to earbuds and is strong enough to work through cases up to five millimeters thick. Temperature control keeps tech from overheating, and foreign object detection ensures you won't accidentally turn it on with your keys.

  • Available options: 5


An Impossibly Easy Journal That Uses Positive Psychology

Just five minutes a day with this book can yield serious benefits from gratitude to mindfulness. Designed with leading research on the science of happiness in mind, The Five-Minute Journal relies on short bursts designed to maximize your mornings and help you wind down at night without a huge commitment. It's undated — good for picking up and putting down — with room for up to six months of daily journaling. It has a nearly perfect rating from almost 5,000 Amazon shoppers who called it a game-changer on a personal level. Not bad for five minutes.


A Fast-Charging Power Bank That's Super-Slim

It takes up less space than an iPhone, but the INIU portable charger will refuel three devices at a go and packs up a full week of power. With Android, iPhone, and USB C compatibility, it will charge just about any device on the market, including earbuds and fitness trackers. The sleek battery case hides a sturdy twelve-layer shell to protect the high-speed 3A charging output from impact, and it's airline-approved so even digital nomads can take it on the go.


A Scalp Massager That's Wonderfully Tingle-Inducing

A silicone scalp massager can be used wet or dry to gently knead away tension and deep-clean without damage for a salon-worthy scalp massage that boosts circulation. It fits ergonomically into your palm and is waterproof — which is just as well, because with over 40,000 rave reviews, it's one of those great rogue cult products that will end up getting used more often than not, whether as part of a clarifying routine or a bid unwind after a truly tense day. And everyone could use a little more of that.

  • Available options: 3


An Orthopedic Pillow Made Of Memory Foam

An ergonomic pillow brings the human body back into alignment to help relieve pain for better rest and improved energy — it even helps with reading in bed. Thanks to the dense memory foam, the ComfiLife knee pillow won’t fall flat. And, the soft cover unzips for easy washing. A lifetime replacement or money-back guarantee protects your gift, so the recipient is totally covered. Aches and pains? Not this year.


A Gorgeous Curtain Of Lights Turns Any Space Into A Wonderland

Three hundred twinkling bulbs scatter across these white curtain lights, which stretch over 6 feet tall and 9 feet wide — you’ll only need a few to totally transform even the biggest room, with eight settings for a custom vibe. They’re fully waterproof and can even be mounted outdoors. They have 34,000 reviews to back up their ability to make any space feel pretty fun and magical.

  • Available options: 2


An All-Natural Bath Soak That Smells Like Vacation

Soothing Epsom salt is blended with certified organic shea butter for a touch of moisture and natural extracts of coconut and lime that smells like a total escape. Just add a cup or two of this bath soak to any tub and unwind for at least 15 minutes. Tension goes down the drain, and skin gets left feeling ultra-soft. It's paraben-free, and made in the USA.

  • Available options: 2


The Underground Hand Cream That Basically Cures Sad Nails

With potent moisturizers including cult ingredients like coconut and jojoba oils plus strengthening silk protein and vitamin B, the retro nostalgic Hard As Hoof hand cream nourishes parched hands and encourages healthy nail growth with a cocktail of antioxidants. For just $8, you get a full ounce of thick cream, and a little of this underground hit goes a very long way. Check out the review photos for some transformative before and afters if you’re still not convinced it's a hit.


A Shockingly Smart Night Light

These energy-efficient smart LED nightlights have built-in sensors to detect the ambient light and adjust accordingly for peak visibility, with impressive brightness in the darkest conditions that isn't too harsh on the half-awake. During the day, they’ll switch off entirely to save even more power. They have a slim profile in sturdy ABS plastic that lies nearly flat against the wall, and the square design keeps the outlets below (or above) free for use. A single six-pack will cover most high-traffic areas in an entire home. It's an instant, easy upgrade.


A Long-Term Journal That's So Easy To Keep Up

It’s a diary without pressure or expectation: the One Line A Day journal keeps a five-year record of your days with room for just the essentials so you’re forced to focus on what mattered most to you about your day. It’s formatted so the same dates for all five years share a page, letting you reflect on years past at a glance. (For an especially thoughtful set, combine with the Five-Minute Journal above.)


A Portable Ring Light For The Perfect Selfie Anywhere

The clip-on ring light with three adjustable settings ensures studio-worthy light on the go, whether it’s slipped onto a cell phone or over a webcam for a Zoom call. A soft silicone backing ensures that tech stays protected, and it recharges with the included short USB cable. At just over half an inch thick and scarcely wider than a smartphone, it doesn’t take up extra space in even the slimmest bag.


An Adjustable Laptop Stand For The WFH Office

For those who embrace working from home as the new normal, an ergonomic laptop stand will go a long way towards mitigating screen-induced aches and pains on a daily basis. This one is made from a lightweight aluminum frame with an open-air design for battery-cooling ventilation, but that doesn’t mean it’s likely to topple over. The wide base features a silicone pad for damage-free grip, and two silicone strips on the platform keep devices secure. If you don’t know how large the recipient’s screen is, no need: this one will accommodate everything from ten-inch tablets to 17-inch laptops.

  • Available options: 2


A Silky Scarf For French Girl Chic

Knotted onto a handbag or tied into a headband, the silk scarf is an accessory you can't have too many of. In leopard and python prints they add pattern and texture with neutral colors that will work for just about anyone. These are made from a fluttery viscose for the look of silk without the price tag, in a generously sized 27-inch square that's easy to tie. One shopper bought it as a gift and reported it was a success: "Color was nice and texture was smooth and silky. The recipient, who is a very stylish and particular lady, absolutely loved it and remarked on the nice richness of the colors."

  • Available options: 10


Some Absurdly Fluffy Slippers For Days That Need Extra Comfort

Plush and cozy, these faux fur slippers have a thick layer of terry cloth foam underneath for cloud-like cushioning, with a waterproof rubber sole that can withstand a trip outside to walk the dogs or pick up mail. In chic solid shades and leopard prints plus ultra-bright rainbow, there's a new favorite slipper for more than a few people on your list. "These shoes are literally the shoes I wear everyday when I am at home," one fan gushed. "I’ve had them for a couple of months now and I’m very picky about things and how they fit and let me just say these are great," another confirmed.

  • Available colors: 10
  • Available sizes: 4.5 – 5.5

Thick gold hoop earrings are boldly classic in a way that works for just about any style, and pair effortlessly with everything from a basic tee to an evening dress. They're perfect for someone on the go with a busy calendar and especially travel or the person who isn't afraid to make a statement with their accessories. And they're perfect for sensitive ears so you can give them worry-free. In a hollow core hoop, these are far lighter than they appear but aren't at all flimsy, and the earrings themselves promise to be hypoallergenic nickel- and lead-free with stainless steel posts and durable 14 karat gold plate. "Lightweight, beautiful, easy on and off," a shopper noted. "Been wearing them often, and the backing holds firm without slipping."

  • Available colors: 3
  • Available sizes: 3


The Internet's Most Crowdfunded Game

You probably already know who you're giving this to. From the creator of The Oatmeal comic comes this bizarrely whimsical take on Russian Roulette. Exploding Kittens has similar gameplay to Uno that anyone can pick up easily, and you'll be just as entertained by the illustrations of untimely kitten mischief as you are the curveball cards. Don't expect it to make sense, and you'll have one hell of a good time; over 40,000 Amazon shoppers love it. Extra content adds a new level of play, with options for large groups and NSFW expansion packs.

  • Available options: 6


An Influencer-Approved Phone Tripod With Ridiculous Grip

This cult phone tripod gets its reputation from an ultra-bendable base that can be placed steadily on almost any surface and even wrapped around objects at a certain height thanks to a no-slip grip on those flexible arms. Included is a Bluetooth shutter that syncs with iPhone and Android and works at a distance of up to 30 feet for the perfect shot. Don’t want to use a phone? The included mount also works with GoPros and digital cameras.

For the person you know who always has a million different lists scattered around, this journal will feel like a natural extension of their personality. The 52 Lists Project turns it into a written meditation, with weekly list-building prompts inspired by the seasons that are each capped with a task or challenge to encourage turning planning into action. And it's undated, so it can be picked up and set aside when needed — the sort of thing that fits seamlessly into a mile-long to-do list.


An Ultra-Soft Blanket Scarf In A Classic Print

Soft, lightweight, and nicely warm, this blanket scarf is honestly easy to love. The generously oversized wrap comes in an excellent selection of colorways with a gentle handspun finish and eyelash fringe. "This is beyond soft. Gave it as a gift and the recipient was too pleased," a reviewer confirmed. Even notoriously picky in-laws and grandparents were reported fans — add one to your cart for the person you know who's always cold.

  • Available colors: 29


A Microfiber Towel For Perfect Hair Days Every Day

An ultra-absorbent microfiber hair towel soaks up more water than cotton in half the time, helping to reduce frizz and slash blow-dry times. "I have to admit I was skeptical, but this is amazing," a shopper confirmed. "Such a welcome solution. It hasn't added frizz and pulls moisture out of my hair in record time." It's sized to wrap nicely without the weight of a larger bath towel, and rolls down compactly so it's easy to pack for travel. "I bought three different kinds on Amazon so I could compare. This was the best of the bunch," a comparison shopper reported, claiming their hair was 50% dryer in just five minutes.


The Cable Knit Gloves That Fit Just About Everyone

Wool blend gloves with a fleece lining are doubly cozy, and it’s hard to say no to a seasonal cable knit. These are thick and warm yet easy to wear, with touchscreen-compatible fingertips on both hands so you don’t have to worry about figuring out someone’s dominant hand. Better yet, they stretch to fit and should work for most people. Amazon shoppers raved that they were indeed thick and warm but not too bulky. Find a pair that matches the scarf above if you want to make it a set.

  • Available colors: 8


These Deep-Pile Thermal Socks

All-natural wool and cotton are blended with a healthy dose of polyester and spandex in these incredibly warm socks that boast a densely looped lining to trap extra heat. They’re measurably heavier than most on the market and come packaged in coordinated sets that will look nice when unwrapped and, of course, ensure there’s always a pair handy. “I have always been picky about my socks. They have to be feet friendly, and for me that means being soft, comfortable, warm, and roomy," one shopper confessed. "These super thick wool socks fulfilled all those categories — and the fact they are so colorful was an added bonus! I wound up buying myself another pack."

  • Available colors: 8
  • Available sizes: One size fits most

Classic yet statement-making, a chain necklace and bracelet set has universal appeal. The LANE WOODS necklace is nickel-free, lead-free, and cadmium-free, so it's unlikely to irritate sensitive skin — and they'll back it with a 90-day guarantee just in case. Amazon shoppers were pleasantly surprised by its weight, noting its workmanship and high-shine finish on the 14 karat gold plating that held up beautifully over time and reflected the brand's standards that matched retailers like Kate Spade and Stella and Dot. "It definitely looks and feels much more expensive than it is," a shopper vouched. The set even comes packaged in gift boxes so you're ready to wrap.

  • Available options: 6


The Odor-Busting Stainless Steel Bar Shoppers Say Is Nothing Short Of Magical

A bar of stainless steel soap has long been a reliable gift for home cooks who handle plenty of onions, but Amazon shoppers were shook by the number of applications for this little thing. “It works like black magic,” a reviewer swore. Steel binds to odor-causing molecules, rinsing away everything from garlic to gasoline, according to fans, and hundreds of shoppers loved theirs so much they gave them away as gifts. “Cheap, useful and really true to it’s word,” as one was pleased to report.

  • Available options: 6


A Set Of Smart Plugs To Upgrade Any Home

For someone whose home is their refuge, a set of smart plugs lets them create custom settings that can be programmed throughout the day to control everything from lights to air conditioning. They connect via WiFi to Google Home as well as Amazon Alexa, but can also be controlled remotely through the app available on the App Store and Google Play, and can be managed across multiple devices so they’re likely to work with everything your person already owns.

  • Available options: 2


The Color-Changing Smart Bulbs That Guarantee Perfect Mood Lighting

These smart bulbs come fully loaded with expanded compatibility for Alexa, Echo, Google Home, and Siri, allowing them to be adjusted via voice commands. They sync up automatically with WiFi, and there is no need for a hub. They’re fully dimmable, allow for scheduled settings, and can even be controlled through multiple apps. The color temperature can be adjusted for crisp task lighting or mellow warmth — plus every other color under the rainbow.


A Set Of Gorgeously Scented Bath Bombs In Plastic-Free Packaging

For the person who is all about their self-care, a set of bath bombs with fragrant essential oils is a stockpile they’ll appreciate having — or you can break the set up to add to multiple gifts. These are scented with natural lemon, lavender, mint, and geranium blends with vibrant colors for pretty bathwater. "These are fragrant and bright! Each scent is different and the colors are all lovely. They are smaller than I anticipated but that just means there are more to a box," one fan remarked.


A Bath Bomb For Die-Hard Shower Lovers That Turns Into An Escape

Therapeutic shower tablets release a dose of restorative herbal extracts on contact to create a soothing steam. Made from all-natural essential oils with pressed flower petals, these were made for breathing deep in lavender, eucalyptus, and vanilla (among others). They’re nonslip and even septic-safe, totally vegan and cruelty-free. “These little things are SUPER potent and UTTERLY adorable,” one fan promised. “The scents are wonderful, there's no left-over residue. They make my showers 100% more relaxing. I bought these for myself but will consider buying these as a gift in the future,” another wrote.”


Some Dainty Earrings That Are Comfortable Enough To Sleep In

Sparkly, delicate, and raved about in over 16,000 Amazon reviews, these bestselling huggie earrings will soon become a daily favorite. They’re finished in a high-quality rhodium plating for a platinum-look finish with top-shelf cubic zirconia for great sparkle at a budget price. The scant half-inch diameter snaps securely in place without an exposed post to worry about gouging or snagging, and even sensitive ears can wear them for extended periods of time since they’re hypoallergenic with stainless steel posts. "They close with a solid click, and I have never had them open unexpectedly. The hinge is solidly made, and the straight earwire makes them easy to put in your ear. I have worn them awake, asleep, in the shower, at the gym...and they have held up to all of the abuse heaped upon them. No missing CZs, no peeling finish, no itchy ears," a shopper raved.

  • Available colors: 3


A Minimalist-Chic Faux Leather Tote

This modern vegan leather tote has the pared-down good looks of a Saint Laurent shopper. The faux leather is thick and sturdy with a full grain texture on the exterior and delicate reinforced straps. The inside features a smooth finish and spacious side pocket for keeping keys and a phone at hand, and it comes in over 100 colors so you're sure to find the perfect one for everyone on your list. "I LOVE this bag! I don’t like taking my more expensive bags to work or the grocery store every day, and this one is a perfect replacement! I have got multiple compliments on this purse and love shocking people by telling them I got it on Amazon," one reviewer bragged.

  • Available colors: 119


A Set Of Deeply Moisturizing Lip Balms With Natural Ingredients

Nourishing shea and cocoa butters are blended with heavy-duty beeswax and lanolin and a cocktail of plant oils in these natural lip balms. They're free of petroleum, parabens — even gluten — and made with non-GMO ingredients. "My first long-term hydration find," one fan with dry skin dubbed them. "My lips have nothing on them right now and I would say they are 100% more hydrated than they were yesterday when I used one of these for the first time. I honestly can't believe it," they added. "At first I was a little worried that ordering 5 would be way too many, but I've already found myself placing them around my house and work to make sure I always have one to reach for." For the truly obsessed, they're available in packs of up to 150. You'll never run out.

  • Available options: 15


An Acupressure Mat Raving Fans Compare To Medieval Torture In The Best Way

For those who find it therapeutic, this acupressure mat and neck pillow set provides deep relief. Thousands of short plastic acupressure points sink into muscles to relieve tightness and stress over a core of plant-based foam covered in 100% cotton to provide a thin layer of cushioning. (There's even an all-natural option with linen and coconut fill.). "Clearly evil but extremely effective," another gushed. Just 10-30 minutes a day provided relief for everything from shoulder tension to longer-term aches and pains.

  • Available options: 16


The Luxe Hand Sanitizer Keychain Everyone Will Be Carrying

This hand sanitizer keychain has a carabiner that makes it easier to travel with. Plus, the included transparent bottle means you can keep refilling it, making it that much easier to stay safe and well on the go. It also comes in various different colors, including a multipack.


A Clip-On Reading Light For Late-Night Page Turners

For the person who's always working on a new novel, this clip-on light lets them stay up late with their latest read, and it's especially great for travel. A single charge provides up to 25 hours of uninterrupted light, with a flexible neck and sturdy non-damaging clip that opens a full half-inch so it can easily go over a tablet or eReader. The warm white LED light reduces eye strain, with a soft-focus beam that stays on the page and won't disturb people nearby. "It works great, feels like quality build, and it has a nice design," a shopper wrote, calling it "near perfect."


The Coziest Thermal Layers

Whether you're shopping for a lightweight base layer or a cocoon of fleece that screams "self-care," these long johns come in three different weights in a blend of cotton and polyester with spandex for stretch. They're designed for comfort with tagless labels and thin elastic waistbands that won't dig and finished seams on the fitted layers to prevent chafing sensitive skin. "I love these thermals. They fit super well and are some of the warmest ones that I've owned," one fan raved. "They're thin enough to fit under other layers as well. Sometimes I wear them as pajamas alone!"

  • Available colors: 16
  • Available sizes: X-Small – 3X-Large

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