60 Clever Things On Amazon That Are Also Great Deals

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by Caroline Goldstein

Whether you’re a would-be inventor, a little bit of a gadget hoarder, or just appreciate a smart design and a great bargain, you’ll probably want to bookmark this page. This list is populated with clever things that are also amazing deals — or things that seem superfluous until you try them, and then make you question how you ever lived your life without them. Think: A beanie rigged with waterproof, removable Bluetooth speakers; Himalayan salt lamps that cast your room in a sultry, amber glow (and maybe alleviate your asthma?); masks that peel off a whole entire layer of dead skin off your feet; and so, so much more.

Because they’re the right combination of genius, fun, eminently useful, and wildly budget-friendly, all these items happen to make foolproof gifts. Crucially, that includes the people in your life who are kind of impossible to shop for — like, the person you happen to have started dating around the holidays, or the friend/parent/sibling who already has everything.

One more great thing: All 60 of these brilliant products — whether of the home decor, tech, kitchen tools, skin care, or apparel ilk — are available on Amazon, so the buying and shipping process could not be any easier. Scroll on to start shopping (and saving).


An Eco-Friendlier Alternative To Plastic Wrap

Keep your leftovers fresh with this set of 30 reusable silicone lids — a more sustainable alternative to plastic wrap. They're stretchy so they fit a wide variety of different sized containers, and they're safe for use in the microwave and dishwasher, too.


A Wireless Charging Dock For All Your Devices

This wireless charging dock has four charging modes, so it's compatible with pretty much every type of smartphone out there (of both the Android and Apple varieties), as well as AirPods. Plus, it comes backed with over 80,000 reviews on Amazon and an overall rating of 4.3-stars, so you know it's legit.


These Divinely Smooth Pillowcases For Just $10

For those with champagne taste on a boxed wine budget. These satin pillowcases feel as luxuriantly smooth as real silk, but unlike the real thing, you can throw them in the washing machine. But satin pillowcases don't just feel great, they're actually really good for your skin and hair, too.


The Exfoliating Washcloths Korean Beauty Lovers Swear By

A staple in Korean households, these exfoliating washcloths will give you the smoothest skin of your life (note that they're for use on your body only — not your face). Watch as the dead, gray skin literally sheds off in little balls as you scrub.

These wash cloths have earned thousands of five-star reviews on Amazon and one happy customer left this glowing review: "As a Korean who's been using these all my life, I can attest this is the REAL stuff. In fact, it's the exact same stuff that I see in Korean markets. For an 8-count, it's a great value as well."

Adjustable, breathable, triple-layered, machine washable, matches everything: All markers of a must-have protective mask. This order comes with 24 masks, but since they're reusable, you'll be covered for the foreseeable future.


The Mascara 4-Pack With 80,000+ Amazon Ratings

With this order, you're getting four tubes of essence's cult-favorite Lash Princess mascara in different variants: lengthening, volumizing, defining, and waterproof. Amazon reviewers rave that this mascara is just as good if not better than pricer alternatives.


The Epsom Salts That Make Your Bath Smell Like A Tropical Smoothie

Epsom salts are renowned for their detoxing and muscle-relaxing benefits, while the shea, coconut, and lime in here makes your skin feel silky-smooth (and, importantly, smell like a piña colada). Depending on how stressed you are, this giant, 3-pound bag will last you at least a year.


These Reusable Straws In Fun Metallic Colors

Cut down on unnecessary waste with these reusable straws, which are dishwasher safe and made of food-grade stainless steel. You can choose from a few metallic colorways, like gold, rose gold, rainbow, or the timeless silver featured above. They come with their own skinny cleaning brushes, too.


These Travel-Friendly Resistance Bands For Working Out Anywhere

No excuse to miss a workout with these resistance bands. This set of five comes with travel-friendly extras, like a carrying case, an exercise chart, ankle straps, and a door anchor.


This Portable Smart Speaker Plug

This little smart speaker plugs into any wall socket in your house, so you never have to be without Alexa again. There's also a USB port so you can charge your phone.


A Fitness-Focused Smart Watch For Under $40

Any fitness tracking your phone can do, this smart watch can do, except smaller. Think: Heart-rate monitor, step counter, sedentary reminder, deep breathing guide, et cetera. You'll also get incoming message and calendar alerts.


9 Earrings That'll Update Any Outfit, All For $20

This order comes with nine pairs of earrings in a mix of punchy acrylic and beach-y rattan designs, as well as an acrylic leopard cuff bracelet and a box to store everything in. $20 very well spent.


These Waterproof, Wireless Earbuds That Cost Les Thans $40

With over 19,000 five-star ratings, these waterproof, wireless earbuds are one of the most popular electronics on Amazon; and at around $35, they're a fraction of the price of AirPods.


These Super-Soft V-Neck Tees You'll Wear Again & Again

Because there is no such thing as having too many cotton V-necks. Choose among 31 two-pack combos, like red/heather gray, black/black, or the classic black/mariner stripe duo shown here.


A Pair Of Himalayan Salt Lamps To Boost Your Mood

Himalayan salt lamps are said to work as air purifiers, help with Seasonal Affective Disorder, and even mitigate allergies and asthma, among other things. Aesthetically speaking, they make your room look like a bougie yoga studio. Win-win.


This Set Of Multipurpose Essential Oils With Aromatherapeutic Benefits

Round out the bougie-yoga-studio thing with this six-pack of essential oils: Lemongrass for calmness, peppermint for clarity, orange for vitality, lavender for sleep, eucalyptus for deep breathing, and tea tree for purifying. Stick them in a diffuser, mix them with your favorite body lotion or massage oil, or dab them right on your wrists.


A Heated Foot & Neck Massager That Feels Like An *Actual* Massage

This genius portable massager features eight rotating massage balls that mimic the feel and pressure of human hands. It's small enough to fit under your desk, in the car, or to stash in virtually any closet or cabinet, even if you're low on storage space.


These Reusable, Sponge/Dishtowel Hybrids That'll Last You A Full Year

With the absorbency of a sponge and the scrub-worthy grit of a tea towel, these reusable dishcloths are the ultimate kitchen cleaning tool. Better yet, they're machine and dishwasher safe, and made of biodegradable materials.


The High-Tech (But Cheap) Lint Shaver You Never Knew You Needed

Equipped with a three-tooth blade and honeycomb-mesh protective cover, this lint shaver is powerful enough to slough away lint, loose threads, and fuzz balls from your clothes and furniture, without damaging or warping the fabric. Perfect for the Virgo in your life.


These Electric Candles That Look Exactly Like Real Flames

Can't be trusted with an open flame? Get this 12-pack of flameless candles instead. They flicker and wave like real fire, but they won't set off a trigger-happy smoke alarm. Also a great choice if you have kids or pets running around your house.

This universal socket self-adjusts to fit most nut varieties (wing, broken, stripped, square), bolts, and hexes, and it can connect with most electric drills, screwdrivers, and manual socket wrenches. Resist the urge to stick your finger in there.


A 3-Pack Of The Warmest Socks Ever

These thick, cushy socks are *technically* made for lining your boots for cold-weather outings, but they're also super-cozy for padding around your house, because honestly, who is even leaving their house right now.


These Fancy, Floral Hand Creams In a Fancy (& Reusable!) Floral Tin

Nourish your oft-washed hands with this collection of six, travel-sized hand creams, all enriched with smoothing shea butter and infused with classic fragrances, like peony, lavender, rose, and cherry blossom. The colorful tin case is pretty enough to display, too.


This Professional-Grade Hand Blender That Comes With Fun Attachments

Channel your inner domestic goddess and/or favorite barista with this kitchen set, which comes with an ergonomically designed hand blender, plus a whisk and milk frother attachment.


The Plugs That Let You Control All Your Home Appliances With Your Voice

With these smart plugs and the accompanying app, you can connect any appliance (TV, holiday lights, fans, you name it) to your Alexa or Google Assistant, so you can control everything with your voice, and remotely from your phone.


A Set Of Portable Silverware In A Retro-Looking Case

Never deal with plastic cutlery again with this portable silverware set, which is made of food-grade stainless steel. Great for traveling, camping, and not-sad desk lunches.


This 4-Pack Of Cute & Versatile Bralettes

These super-soft, stretchy bralettes are total wardrobe staples. And if you're not a support-bra person, don't worry about those pads — they're removable. Amazon reviewers say they run a little small, so size up.


The Hotel-Inspired Sheets That Cost Way Less Than A Hotel Room

In the absence of going to actual hotels, settle for these luxury sheets. They're smooth, plush, and breathable — just like hotel sheets — and they're wrinkle and fade resistant for easy upkeep. And at $28, they're leagues cheaper than a hotel stay.

Magnetic lashes may seem terrifying, but they're actually way easier to maneuver than traditional falsies (and 100% safe). This set comes with six lash styles in varying levels of intensity, plus an applicator and accompanying magnetic eyeliner.


A Multitool That Does Everything

This 12-in-1 multitool can do everything from open bottles and hammer nails to shatter glass and cut rope (and more). A Swiss Army knife for the modern age.


These Bali-Made Soaps Pressed With Dried Flowers

Some more good-smelling things for your consideration: These cakes of soap, which are handmade in Bali with skin-softening ingredients and aromatherapeutic fragrances. Their nubbly textures, courtesy of dried flowers, offers some exfoliating benefits, too.


These Weird-But-Amazing Masks For Your Feet

As the name says, these foot masks peel all the dead skin off your feet like a humanoid sock. Gross, but oddly satisfying. Your feet will literally glow.


The Phone Chargers That Never Tangle, Break, Or Fray

These charging cords are a foot long, encased in durable, flexible, tangle-resistant rubber, and charge your devices really quickly. With this purchase, you get three for less than $15.


These Motion Sensor Lights That Couldn't Be Easier To Install

These motion-sensor lights will effortlessly brighten up any nook or cranny in your house — closets, hallways, pantry, garage, the like. You don't even need to be into DIY to mount them: They're outfitted with ultra strong magnetic strips for foolproof installation.


The Facial Razors That'll Make Your Skin Soft & Radiant

Use these slim razors to remove unwanted peach fuzz and facial hair, and exfoliate your skin at the same time — aka dermaplaning, which makeup artists swear by for making your skin super smooth. This also comes with a precision cover for shaping your eyebrows.


The Kitchen Scissors That Make Food Prep So Much Easier

These food scissors will make your life about a million times easier, especially if your knife skills are a little lacking (same). Beyond cutting through food, this 6-in-1 tool also acts as a veggie peeler, can opener, and knife, among other things.


A Round Brush/Curling Wand Hybrid That Couldn't Be Easier To Use

This stylist-approved heat styling brush creates waves, curls, and volume pretty much instantly, even on hair that's typically resistant to all those things (e.g. fine, straight, and/or short hair).

I don't know what is more satisfying here: The painstakingly perfect nested fit, the rainbow colorway, or the fact that this includes almost every food-prep vehicle you could ever need (including a colander!).


The Fizzy, Vivid Bath Bombs With A Cult-Like Following

These are far and away the best-selling bath bombs on Amazon, having garnered a nearly perfect rating from over 20,000 shoppers. This best-of box contains 12 heavenly scents, like Victorian rose, lavender, and tropical mango-papaya.


A Dual-Sided Pumice Stone That Smooths The Gnarliest Calluses

Reviewers are truly obsessed with these salon-grade pumice stones, which work their wonders on even the toughest of feet. It has two sides — one ridged and coarse, the other finer-grained — to suit the toughness of your calluses, and your tolerance.


These Reusable Hand Warmers That Secretly Double As Stress Balls

Freezing temps are no match for these reusable, gel-like hand warmers, which reach temperatures of up to 130 degrees. You can "recharge" them by boiling them in water for 10 to 15 minutes.


A Boar Bristle Brush That Unravels The Toughest Knots

Boar bristle brushes have lots of great benefits, like redistributing the oils in your scalp and helping to minimize breakage. But unlike traditional boar-bristle brushes, these can actually detangle your hair. The curved, ergonomically shaped head unintentionally works as a scalp massager, too.

This 16-piece makeup brush set comes with every brush you will ever need, including the niche ones (lash brush, eyebrow spoolie, fan brush). One Amazon reviewer said these are a good alternative to those cult-favorite Sigma brushes, since they're super soft, easy to clean, and they don't molt.


A Versatile Trimmer That Takes Care Of All Your Unwanted Body Hair

Another all-in-one deal. This trimmer comes with 13 attachments (including a nose and ear hair trimmer — thoughtful!), beard and stubble guards, and a carrying case. Powerful enough to work on body and head hair, in addition to facial hair.


These Velcro-Strapped Ankle Weights With Removable Sandbags

You can't go wrong with this pair of adjustable ankle weights. These clock in at 2.5 pounds each, but the sand bags are removable if you'd like to shift the weight.


The Perfect Beanie For Outdoor Sports

File under: Things you wish you'd come up with yourself. This beanie is equipped with built-in, waterproof Bluetooth speakers on each side, so you can pull it down over your ears, undisturbed by bulging earbuds. Those speakers are removable so you can wash your beanie (you're washing your beanies, right?), and reviewers say the sound quality is surprisingly great.


A Planner That Makes Budgeting Kinda Fun

This personal finance planner makes budgeting as approachable as humanly possible. Includes things like a savings tracker, debt tracker, recurring expenses, monthly income, a year-end summary, and even a holiday budget planner. Choose among six colors, like rose gold, hot pink, and turquoise.


A Plug For Crystal-Clear WiFi

If you're dealing with spotty wifi, get this plug-in wifi extender — it boosts your connection up to 800 feet, and it's compatible with any wifi access point.


These Cascading Hangers That Maximize Your Closet Space

These slim, plastic closet organizers can be hung both horizontally and vertically, maximizing even the most Lilliputian and overstuffed of closet spaces. And for just $12 you get a pack of 10 organizers, each organizer holds five hangers.


A Set Of Bra & Underwear Drawer Organizers

With individual compartments for your bras, underwear, and socks, this four-pack of drawer organizers keeps your underwear drawer from constantly looking like a bomb went off in there. And reviewers are obsessed with it — it's garnered over 22,000 Amazon reviews and a nearly-perfect 4.6-star rating.


A Set Of 7 Food Storage Containers With Airtight Seals

These plastic storage containers have lids with an air-seal to keep your food fresher longer. The set includes seven containers — one tall, two medium, two small, and two tiny containers — as well as 24 labels.


A Gentler (& Chicer) Alternative To Elastic Hair Ties

Use these satin scrunchies to reduce bends in your hair and cut down on the risk of breakage. They're also pretty chic, since all things '80s are popular again these days.


A Pack Of Sheet Masks That'll Last You Basically Forever

The choose-your-own adventure of Korean sheet masks. All 24 versions are infused with collagen and vitamin E for fresher, brighter, plumper-looking skin.


These Grown-Up Night Lights That Plug Into Any Outlet

These energy-efficient night lights automatically switch on when the room darkens. Choose between cool and warm white light.

For less than the price of a single nonstick pan from a premium brand, you're getting three, in varying sizes, complete with handles that stay cool to the touch. Reviewers say these pans perform just as well as those more expensive pans.

Gift-giving could not be any easier with this four-pack of scented candles, which come in an eminently wrappable square box.


This Cult-Classic Lip Balm In 4, Fan-Favorite Flavors

All your favorite Burt's Bees lip balms show up in here: Strawberry, Coconut & Pear, Vanilla Bean, and the original, straight-up beeswax formula.


These Steamers That Turn Your Shower Into A Sauna

Shower steamers are basically bath bombs, for shower people. These come in six aromatherapeutic fragrances, like invigorating eucalyptus and menthol, calming lavender, and fruity watermelon.


The Best Massage Gun You Will Ever Lay Your Hands On

A little pricier than other items on this list, but this deep tissue massager melts away knots, cricks, and muscle tension like none other. You'll never be tempted to spend money on a professional massage again.


The Gel Cushions That Make Your Least-Practical Shoes Feel Comfortable

Whether you have flat feet, plantar fasciitis, or favor shoes with zero arch support (like ballerina slippers and most sandals), these insertable gel cushions will be your new favorite thing.