49 Cool Things Under $30 On Amazon That Are Smart As Hell

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by Rebecca Martinson
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Online shopping is fun, but it’s even better when you end up with something that’s pure genius. I’m talking the kind of “genius” that makes your jaw drop, or the kind that makes you wonder why you haven’t bought that product sooner. Luckily, there are countless amounts of cool things on Amazon that are smart as hell — just like those — and they all serve useful purposes. Plus, the ones included on this list are under $30, which means you don’t have to break the bank in order to fill your cart.

Case in point? The cupholder designed for your bathtub. Not only does it easily adhere to tile and other smooth surfaces, but it can also fit everything from beer cans to wine glasses. But if you're looking for an even smarter purchase, there's also an alarm clock with a built-in wireless charger so you don’t have to fumble around for a power cable as you drift to sleep. Oh, and I can’t forget about the strap that’ll help you do two-person stretches by yourself. It’s genius, right?

So what are you waiting for? Saving money has never been easier than when you're shopping all the smart products available on Amazon — especially when they’ve all got an affordable price tag.


This Cooling Bamboo Blanket That's Perfect For Hot Sleepers

Looking for a blanket that won't leave you overheating at night? Search no further than this lightweight option. It's made from breathable bamboo microfibers that feel silky against your skin. Plus, they can even help wick away moisture — just in case you get a little warm.


These Lawn Shoes Make Your Yard Greener

Save money on pricey lawn care services with these aerator shoes. Soles with adjustable straps attach to the bottoms of your shoes so you can walk around as you mow. Your lawn will look greener after these shoes break up the soil, creating better air flow and water absorption.


These Reusable Makeup Remover Pads That Don't Need Cleanser

You don't have to rely on wasteful cotton balls to cleanse your face — just use these pads. They're reusable as many times as you like, and each one is made from soft microfiber that removes makeup without any cleanser necessary.


A Spray That Eases Wrinkles Out Of Clothes

Tired of busting out that ironing board every week? Allow this spray to help erase wrinkles from your clothes with a few simple spritzes. The plant-based formula is safe to use on most fabrics, and many reviewers raved about how it "really works."


This Alarm Clock With A Built-In Wireless Charger

Lay your Qi-enabled device on top of this alarm clock, and the built-in charger will begin to power it up — no cables necessary. The clock brightness is also adjustable, as well as the alarm volume. The best part? There's also a USB port in the back, just in case you want to charge two devices.


A Strap That Helps You Perform Deep Stretches

Some stretches require help from a second person — or, you could just use this strap. It features 10 loops that allow you to choose how deep of a stretch you're doing, and they're made from tough nylon that's resistant to tears. Plus, each order also comes with a guide to help you get started.


This Electric Lighter That’s Completely Flameless

Unlike some lighters, this reusable electronic one can be recharged more than 300 times to help you save money. When fully powered, it can light more than 60 candles — and it’s completely flameless. The best part? It comes in fun colors, including gold, blue, rose, and more.


This Microwaveable Teapot Brews Loose-Leaf Tea

Usually tea infusers come in single-cup sizes, but this teapot can brew loose-leaf tea for a few people. Instead of boiling water in a separate pot, fill this pot with water and boil it in the microwave. Bonus: A cozy is included to keep your tea warm as you sip and chat.


The Comb That Removes Lint From Sweaters

Got a few sweaters that are looking a little worse for wear? This comb can help breathe new life into them. The fine teeth are designed to removed pills and lint from delicate garments, including ones made from cashmere, merino, mohair, and more.


These Magic Erasers That Are Extra-Thick

My dog likes to leave scuffs and marks on the walls in my home, which is why I keep a pack of magic erasers — like these ones — underneath my sink. They gently remove scratches, marker, and more from your walls using just water. They’re also thicker than usual.


A Foot Rest That Can Help Ease Fatigue At The Desk

Keep this foot rest underneath your workstation, and the ergonomic design can help keep your legs from becoming fatigued as you sit. Both the height and angle are adjustable, while the textured surface helps keep your feet from sliding off. Plus, it's even ready to go right out of the box.


An Ice Roller That Reviewers Love For Headaches

Keep this ice roller in your refrigerator, and it'll be ready to help soothe away pain from headaches or migraines at a moment's notice. You can also use it to help ease inflammation in your face, or even to soothe aching muscles after a heavy workout. "It’s super soothing for headaches," wrote one reviewer. "If you have sensitive skin or use any face treatments that can irritate skin, you absolutely need this!"


These Makeup Brushes That Are Super Travel-Friendly

There's no need to pack all of your makeup brushes the next time you're traveling — just use this portable set. The three smaller brushes fit neatly into the underside of the kabuki brush, and both ends come with caps to help your bristles stay pristine. Choose from three colors: pink, black, or green.


The Bedside Caddy That Helps You Save Space

Whether you don't have room for a nightstand or you need a little extra storage space, this bedside caddy is a must-have. The felt material threads underneath your mattress to keep it in place, and there are multiple pockets where you can store your belongings — everything from magazines to reading glasses.


A Jojoba Oil-Infused Cream That Helps Strengthen Weak Nails

If your nails are chipped and cracked, it might be time to give this fortifying cream a try. It's formulated with hydrating jojoba oil and calcium to help strengthen weak nails — and it even has a light coconut scent that reviewers wrote "smells good."


This Convenient Running Belt That Won't Slide Down

While some running belts may be thinner, they'll start sliding down your hips after just a few steps. This one, on the other hand, is extra-wide to help it stay up — and the added space gives you four large pockets for everything from money to your phone.


A Drink Dispenser That Prevents Spills

This automatic drink dispenser means you won’t have to lift heavy jugs of orange juice or milk. With a spigot that slides easily on most bottlenecks, the dispenser also stops spills. “It's made my life unbelievably easier,” one reviewer raves.


The Cable Organizers Made From Tough Silicone

Not only are these cable organizers made from durable silicone, but they also feature magnets on both ends so that they easily latch onto themselves. They stretch out to three times their size without tearing — making them great for extra-thick cables — and work perfectly for helping to keep knots out of headphone wires.


These Washcloths That Help Exfoliate All Over

Unlike some washcloths, these ones are made from exfoliating polyester to help you get rid of old flakes from head to toe. They're also extra-long, allowing you to stretch them behind your back to reach any awkward spots that typically go unwashed. Choose from three textures: soft, medium, or rough.


The Stainless Steel Chains That Extend Bracelets & Necklaces

If you've got a necklace or bracelet that's a little too tight for comfort, just clip one of these chains into it. They're made from stainless steel, and the lobster claw clasps are easy to hook onto your jewelry. Plus, each order comes with four gold chains and four silver chains.


A Mirror That Clips Onto Your Sun Visor

Most visor mirrors are too small for doing your makeup properly, whereas this one is extra-large — and it even features LED lights to help you see what you're doing. It easily clips onto your sun visor without any tools necessary. Plus, batteries come included.


The VR Headset That Lets You Game Anywhere

Turn your smartphone into a gaming system with this VR headset. Upon sliding your phone into the headset’s slot, immerse yourself in a game or YouTube video. It’s also ideal for entertaining kids during long drives and layovers. Reviewers love the adjustable straps that offer a comfortable fit.


This Matcha Spoon Measures The Perfect Cup of Tea

Instead of guessing how much matcha to use, this single-gram scoop is designed to give you a consistent-tasting cup each time. A slightly longer handle scoops more comfortably from tea bags and cans.


These Toe Separators That Can Help Alleviate Foot Pain

Plantar fasciitis, bunions, hammer toes — you name it, these separators can help alleviate pain from a variety of foot ailments. They're made from lightweight, medical-grade gel that won't leave your skin feeling irritated. They’re also BPA-free.


A Makeup-Removing Pen Made With Honey & Olive Oil Extract

Don't erase your entire face when you mess up part of your makeup — allow this pen to help you fix any mistakes. The narrow tip — which is formulated with honey and olive oil extract — is perfect for the tight areas around your eyes, and it's even effective on waterproof eyeliner. One reviewer even raved that "it totally removed my eyeliner mishap, and left my skin feeling moisturized without a sticky residue!"


These Silicone Brushes That Help Exfoliate Your Lips

When chapsticks and balms aren't helping with your flaking lips, it may be time to exfoliate them using these brushes. The scrubber heads are made from soft silicone, and they're dual-sided: one for massaging your lips, and a second textured side for exfoliating.


A Tool That Help You Chop & Mash While You Cook

Whether you're cooking ground beef or making guacamole, this tool can help lighten the workload. The X-shaped head allows you to chop, mash, and mix ingredients easier than a wooden spoon would allow. Plus, the ergonomic handle is coated with a nonslip surface to help you maintain a firm grip.


These Fake Turtleneck Collars Made With 100% Cotton

Too warm for a regular turtleneck? Allow these collars to add style without adding warmth. They pair effortlessly with everything from blouses to cardigans — and since each one is made from 100% cotton, they're also breathable.


A Canister That Tracks Your Coffee’s Freshness

No more fingers covered in coffee grounds as you dig for your scoop; this coffee canister comes with a spoon that clips to the side of the jar. A date tracker and Co2 valve helps keep your beans as fresh as possible.


This Grill Basket Lets You Go Spatula-Free

For camping trips or backyard parties, this grill basket will be your cooking sidekick. Turn and serve hamburgers or veggie kabobs all at once, no spatula needed. The basket holds enough food to feed 2 or 3 adults. Plus, you can remove the handle and use it as a smoker to make salmon or other seafood.


A Diffuser That Doubles As A Night Light

For soothing bedtime purposes, this diffuser not only quietly dehumidifies your space — it can also serve as a night light. Play around with the timer settings and color-changing LED lights to create your ideal sleep environment. “Some diffusers say they have high output, but this one actually does,” a reviewer wrote.


These Clips Tailor Your Clothes For You

Avoid a trip to the tailor with dress clips that adjust the fit of your clothes. These clips fasten to dresses or shirts with plastic teeth that won’t snag fabric. If your jeans stretch out after a couple of wears, attach a clip to the waistband. One reviewer raved that “it never came off or adjusted itself all day.”


The Droppers That Help Reduce Sulfites From Wine

Add a few of these drops to your next glass of red or white, and they can help reduce the sulfites and tannins within the glass. Each dropper comes with enough for up to 55 glasses of wine — and the formula is completely non-GMO.


This Pillowcase Duo That Feels Like Smooth Silk

Since they’re gentler than cotton, these satin pillowcases can help prevent unwanted frizz while you're sleeping. They're breathable and soft, while the envelope closure helps keep your pillow from sliding out. Plus, they come in a variety of colors to match your current sheets.


A Hose Attachment With 10 Spray Modes

Whether you’re power-washing windows or lightly spritzing a window-box garden, this spray nozzle has 10 modes for any watering need. A large on/off lever on the top of the nozzle takes some pressure off your wrists and hands.


The Genius Dispenser For Your Plastic Grocery Bags

Instead of jamming all your plastic grocery bags into a drawer, keep them in this dispenser. It's large enough for up to 30 bags, and it even comes with adhesive for easy mounting — just think of what you'll be able to do with all that newfound storage space.


A High-Powered Flashlight To Keep In Your Car

Four lighting modes make this flashlight useful in any situation. A high beam illuminates up to 1,200 feet away, while the lantern setting offers 360-degree light ideal for setting up a campground. Keep this flashlight in your car for hiking, camping, or safety purposes. The strobe-flashing mode can be used during a roadside emergency.


This Hair Towel Made From Super Absorbent Microfiber

Microfiber is known for its highly absorbent properties, which means this microfiber towel can help soak up even more moisture from your hair before it goes underneath a dryer. Plus, the elastic at the back makes it easy to secure into place.


A Dustpan Set With Teeth That Helps You Clean The Bristles

Tired of reaching down to clean all that dust out of your broom bristles? Simply use the scraper teeth on this dustpan set instead. Not only is the broom easy to clean, but each order also comes with a handle extender — just in case you need to sweep deep underneath furniture.


These Patches That Help Flatten Blemishes In Hours

Pop one of these patches onto a surprise blemish, and the hydrocolloid dressing can help shrink its appearance within just six hours. Each patch is also completely transparent, and 40 come in each pack. Plus, they're all suitable for sensitive skin.


A Heated Eyelash Curler For Dramatic Volume

Striving for an ultra-chic look using minimal makeup? This heated eyelash curler is a must-have. Not only is it rechargeable, but it can also help shape your eyelashes for up to 24 hours. The temperature is adjustable up to three levels, and each order even comes with an eyelash comb.


The Kitchen Scubbers That Are Odor-Resistant

Sponges can develop mildew over time, whereas these scrubbers dry quickly to help prevent unwanted odors from building up. They're made from tough polyester with triple-stitched edges to help prevent fraying. And unlike some scrubbers, these ones are safe to use on nonstick cookware.


A Set Of Rubber Grippers For Stubborn Jars

No matter how large or small your jar is, these rubber grippers can help. Each order comes with three in varying shapes to accommodate lids of nearly any size, while the textured surfaces help you twist and pull. One reviewer also wrote about how you can put them underneath cutting boards to help keep them from sliding away.


These Mats That Help Keep Your Fridge Clean

You don't have scrub away at spills in your fridge; just keep it clean in the first place with these mats. They're made from high-quality EVA material, and you can easily trim them to fit your shelves. Plus, each one is also waterproof, mildew-proof, as well as dust-proof.


A Magnetic Wristband That Holds Tools As You Work

For remodeling projects or IKEA furniture assembly, this magnetic wristband holds tools as you work. Strong magnets keep bolts and screws close to avoid trips up and down a ladder. “We are spending much less time searching for tiny screws that fall,” a reviewer wrote.


These Outlet Shelves That Can Hold Up To 10 Pounds

Toothbrushes, phones, Alexa — you name it, these outlet shelves are the perfect spot to keep it stored and out of the way. They're sturdy enough to support up to 10 pounds, while the cord management system helps keep them looking tidy. Choose from three finishes: white, black, or almond.


The Tape That Helps Prevent Fashion Faux Pas

You can easily secure your outfit with this fashion tape. It's gentle enough that you can put it directly on your skin, yet strong enough that it'll keep your clothes held firmly in place. Plus, many reviewers wrote about how it didn't irritate their sensitive skin.


These Cutting Mats To Help Prevent Cross-Contamination

These color-coded mats can help prevent cross-contamination, since you can use them separately for different types of food — and since they're flexible, you can also bend them into a funnel to help transfer ingredients to the stove.

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