Easy Home Upgrades Under $35 On Amazon You'll Wish You Got Sooner

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by Julie Peck

Staying home seems like the smartest thing to do these days, so you might as well enjoy being there, right? That's why I've rounded up a collection of home upgrades under $35 from Amazon that'll take your place straight to the next level. So pull up a chair and join me for some retail therapy.

In my opinion, the bed is the heart of the home (you do, after all, spend approximately eight hours there each and every night), so I'm all about this mattress topper that adds an extra layer of cloud-like goodness to your sleeping routine. Then build on that with a couple of these extraordinarily soft and supportive pillows that have earned 22,000 five-star Amazon reviews, and you're all set to hibernate in luxury.

And if you're courageous enough to venture beyond the bounds of your bedroom, there's plenty more for you on this list, like this rack for your skillets and pans that singlehandedly organizes your kitchen, or this adjustable laptop stand that transforms your WFH setup. In fact, Amazon is packed with upgrades for just about every inch of your space, so you actually might not mind spending so much time there.


The Shower Head Duo That Transforms Your Bathroom Into A Spa

With eight settings, including a rainfall mode, this showerhead duo turns everyday bathing into a spa experience. Crafted from stainless steel with a luxe chrome finish, the setup includes a fixed and handheld shower head, and they can be used simultaneously or one at a time.


These Plush Pillows That Makes Sleeping In Any Position Comfortable

Whether you sleep on your back, side, or stomach, these pillows will keep you comfortable, and they've got 22,000 five-star reviews to back them up. The structured pillows feature plush filling for maximum softness, comfort, and support, and the double-stitching and gray piping give them a luxury hotel look.


A Power Strip & Charger That Plugs Right Into The Wall

Reorder your WFH space with this wall-mounted power strip that plugs into any standard outlet. It gives you space to plug in six appliances while also giving you two ports for charging USB-powered devices. It's surge protected and even has a built-in night light.


The All-Season Comforter With 60,000 Reviews

Just the right weight to keep you cozy all year round, this down alternative comforter is made from hypoallergenic (and super soft) microfiber, and since there are no quills, you won't get poked while you're sleeping. Box-stitching keeps the fluffy filling in place, but you can also opt for a pinch-pleated version. Reviewers are obsessed, too; the comforter has earned 60,000 reviews and a 4.5-star overall rating.

  • Available sizes: twin, twin XL, full, queen, oversized queen, king, California king, oversized king
  • Available colors and styles: 12


This Hanging Storage Unit That Adds So Much Space

Make a pantry out of unused space by hanging this storage rack over a door or mounting it to the wall. It's outfitted with eight shelves and it's an instant way to make a cramped kitchen feel suddenly spacious.


A Pot & Pan Organizer That'll Transform Your Kitchen

This kitchenware rack can be set up either vertically or horizontally, and it's a great way to corral pots and pans. Use it as freestanding rack or anchor it to the cupboard or wall with the included screws for more stability.


The Bidet Attachment That You Can Install In Minutes

Stop stressing about toilet paper, and get this bidet attachment with multiple pressure settings. Made to install on any standard toilet in just minutes, it self-cleans and doesn't require any fancy plumbing to get up and going.


This No-Touch Soap Dispenser That's More Hygienic Than The Rest

Get your hands clean in the most hygienic way possible with this no-touch soap dispenser. Perfect for eradicating germs after being out and about, it's battery-operated and boasts a sleek, modern aesthetic.


The Color-Changing Smart Bulb That You Can Control From Your Phone Or Alexa

Use your smartphone to control this smart light bulb or connect it to your Alexa or Google Assistant to utilize voice commands. You can remotely turn it on and off, set it on a schedule, adjust brightness, or cycle through a rainbow of color options.


These Motion Sensor Lights That Make Your Home Look Stunning

Get museum-quality illumination in your closet or underneath your kitchen cabinets with these motion-activated lights. The rechargeable lights install easily with the included ultra-strong adhesive, but they're also magnetic, so you can simply attach them to metal surfaces, too.


An Automatic Air Freshener That Smells Like Heaven

Steer clear of not-so-great odors — in the bathroom or by the cat box, for example — with this automatic air freshener that has notes of jasmine, vanilla and amber (although you can also conjure summer with a clean linen, melon, and citrus scent). It automatically releases scent according to one of three time settings that you choose, and lasts for up to 60 days.


These Under-Bed Lights That Are Motion-Activated

Never again stumble when you get out of bed for a midnight snack with these under-bed lights that'll guide your way: They mount easily under the bed with the included 3M adhesive, and you can set them to automatically turn off from anywhere between 30 seconds and 10 minutes of inactivity.


The Silicone Covers That Bridge The Gap Between Your Counter & Stove

Stop crumbs from falling into the gap between your stove and counter (impossible to clean) with these silicone guards. The nonslip covers come in three colors — black, white, and clear — and two sizes, but they can also be trimmed to fit.


This Adjustable Laptop Stand

Take the stress off your neck with this adjustable laptop desk that will change the way you work. Available in black and silver, it's made from ultra-durable aluminum alloy, and it's height-adjustable, so you can find the perfect angle. Pair it with a Bluetooth keyboard for a full setup.


A Cushiony Anti-Fatigue Mat That's A Dream For Anyone Who Stands A Lot

Great for standing desks or anyone that's gotten into cooking, this anti-fatigue mat cushions your feet to relieve stress and prevent aches and pains. It's made with a thick layer of high-density foam and comes in four sizes and six colors, so you can match the floor or add some contrasting color.


These Smart Plugs That Streamline Your Home

Control your lights or appliances from anywhere in the world with these Wi-Fi smart plugs that sync up with a smartphone app or your smart home assistant. They've earned more than 44,000 Amazon ratings, and reviewers report that setup is a breeze, with one writing, "I liked them so much I ordered a second set."


The Silk Pillowcase That's Better For Your Skin & Hair

Made from 100% silk and available in nearly three dozen colors, this pillowcase has a smooth texture that prevents hair breakage and (unlike cotton) won't sap your skin of moisture. It comes in seven sizes, too, so you can find the one that's best for your bed.


These Home Security Alarms That Won't Break The Bank

Feel safer inside your home with this security set that includes five alarms that can be mounted to doors and windows. The affordable set installs in just minutes with the included double-sided adhesive, and when activated, the alarm emits a super-loud 90-decibel alarm.


The Miniature (& Cheap) Alexa That Takes Up Next-To-No-Space

Get a little help from Alexa — even in those tight spaces where there's just no room — when you install this tiny smart assistant speaker. You'll be able to queue up playlists, keep up with weather, add to your Amazon shopping list, and so much more with this device that plugs right into the outlet and takes up zero counter or table space.


These Feel-Good Strip Lights That'll Brighten Your Night

Compatible with your Alexa, these color-changing strip lights are a fantastic way to prop up any pandemic-prone spirits. The trimmable strip adheres to any flat surface and can be controlled via your phone — you can even set them to "dance" to music.


A Door Draft Stopper That Cuts Down On Your Energy Bill

Don't overpay for your utilities when you can get this draft stopper that blocks out cold air in the winter and hot air in the summer. Made from high-performance silicone, the self-adhering strip can be trimmed to size, and even works to muffle the noise from your neighbors.


These Throw Pillow Inserts, So You Can Change Up The Covers Anytime You Like

Aspiring interior decorators: Totally change up the look of your space with these throw pillow inserts that can be paired with all kinds of covers — velvet, wide wale corduroy, or an option with pom-poms — you name it. A change of covers can transform any room to suit the season or just to suit your mood.


This Repair Kit That Conceals Scratches & Scuffs On Wooden Furniture

Clear up dings, nicks, and scratches on all your wooden furniture with this repair kit that conceals it all. It includes both markers and crayons in different wood shades that work together to restore tables and chairs to like-new condition. Use this to doctor up those little scratches in you apartment so you get your security deposit back, too.


This Drain Hair Catcher That Keeps The Plumber Away

With a chrome top that looks good in any sink, this hair catcher will prevent clogs and save you on any plumber's visits. Hair wraps around the cylinder, so it doesn't go down the drain, and the holes throughout keep the water flowing.


A Sleek Ceiling Light That Offers Great Illumination

Bad lighting is no problem when you can simply and easily add sleek illumination with this low-profile ceiling light. Perfect for any space in your home, it gives off a bright daylight beam and stands up to 50,000 hours of use.


The Phone & Tablet Stand That Has A Wall-Mounting Option

This phone and tablet stand can be set on your desk or countertop, but you can also mount it with adhesive to the wall or underside of cabinets (great if you follow a lot of digital recipes). Made from durable aluminum, it's angle-adjustable and features a swinging arm, so you can push your tablet back or pull it closer.


A Fluffy Mattress Topper For A Bed That's Luxury Hotel-Grade

Made with a soft and quilted microfiber shell, this down alternative mattress topper makes your bed feel hotel-quality luxe. It's hypoallergenic, machine-washable, and, in the words of one reviewer, it's "super fluffy" and "like sleeping on a cloud."

  • Available sizes: twin, twin XL, full, queen, king, California king


The Rug GrippersThat Prevent Sliding & Curling Corners

Keep your area rugs from sliding around — and keep the corners from curling up — with these rug grippers that secure to the corners. Made with a sticky gel, they're washable, reusable, and won't leave any residue.


These Shelves That Perch Over Power Outlets

Make use of the unused space above your outlets with these clever outlet shelves. The shelves provide a ledge for your phone, a small essential oil diffuser, or just a place for your keys to call home as you come in the door.


This Outlet Cover That Doubles As A Night Light

Forget about bulky night lights, and opt for this outlet cover with a built-in night light instead. It snaps on (no installation necessary) and the softly diffused LED automatically turns on once the sun goes down and goes off again at dawn.


A Sleek Box That Hides Your Collection Of Cables

Straighten out that tangle of cords by running them through this cable management box that keeps everything straight and out of sight. Plus, the white box with a faux wood-finished top boasts a clean, modern design.


This Magnetic Organizer Shelf That Mounts On Your Fridge

Get tons more kitchen storage space with this magnetic organizer that attaches instantly to the side of your fridge with three ultra-strong magnets. With a 45-pound capacity, you can stock this with sauces, spices, and cereal boxes, and there are even two rods for dish towels and paper towels.

These under-cabinet shelves slide right on and help you eliminate all that clutter by giving you a little extra storage space. And they're good for corralling so many items — use them in the kitchen, in your closet, or at your desk.


These Fridge Liners That Catch Spilled Leftovers

There's nothing worse than opening the fridge and seeing a bunch of spilled leftovers on the shelves, but these easy-to-clean fridge liners will ensure you don't have to live through that indignity. Made from BPA-free foam, they also work to extend the life of produce — and they add a nice pop of color as well.


This Magnetic Shelf That Attaches Instantly To Your Stove

Get more space for spices and cooking utensils with this magnetic stove shelf that keeps everything within easy reach. It attaches instantly and comes in three colors: black, white, and stainless steel.


The Compact Aromatherapy Diffuser With 7 Soothing Light Options

Set the mood any way you like with this compact essential oil diffuser with more than 55,000 reviews and a 4.5-star overall rating. Small enough to fit on a nightstand, it features two misting modes and a brightness-adjustable LED light with seven soothing color options. Team it with some organic essential oils to create a spa-worthy atmosphere.


A Simple Towel Rack That Fits Over The Cupboard Door

Sometimes something as simple as this this over-the-door towel rack is all you need to make a big difference in your kitchen or bathroom. Made with durable steel, it features a curved rod and foam backing to prevent damage to the door. Choose from six finishes, like copper, black, and chrome.


The Mini Dehumidifier That Keeps Dampness At Bay

The Eva-Dry wireless mini dehumidifier is an easy way to keep small spaces fresh while curbing mold. The silica beads inside work to absorb moisture for up to 10 years, and you just need to recharge it every few weeks. Use it in your closet, kitchen cabinets, or even your gym bag.


These Drawer Liners Infused With The Scent Of Lavender

Upgrade your dresser with these lavender-scented drawer liners. This set includes six sheets that are super easy to stick onto the bottom of your drawers, and the delicate lavender fragrance keeps clothes and linens smelling fresh. Looking for something a little less floral? Opt for the linen-scented liners.


The Window Privacy Film That's Also A Style Statement

Let the sunlight in while still maintaining privacy with this decorative window privacy film. It uses static to cling to windows, so you don't have to deal with adhesive, and it adds a beautiful rainbow-colored mosaic pattern to your windows. The sheets come in multiple sizes and can be trimmed for a perfect fit.


A Set of Blackout Curtains So You Can Actually Sleep In

Block out light in the morning these blackout curtains that come in 24 colors, like navy, sky blue, and beige. Even better, the curtains are thermal-insulated, which helps reduce heat loss, so you can save big time on your energy bill.