February 2022’s Full Moon In Leo Is Full of Positivity

A full moon lunation full of blessings.

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In the final days of Aquarius season comes a full moon in Leo, a bright and joyous lunation that’s also free from any taxing astrological weather. The moon reaches its fullness on February 16 — see everything you need to know to make the most of this transit.

Per NYLON astrologer David Odyssey, “The full moon in Leo on February 16 helps you download your macro ideals into your body, and reorient the big thinking to a sense of lived, embodied purpose.” So what does this mean, exactly?

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Each full moons illuminate a specific house in your birth chart, bringing a sense of clarity and emotion into focus. Depending on where Leo lands in your birth chart, the full moon on February 16 will bring about Leo traits like confidence, playfulness, bravery, and passion to help us get in touch with your purpose.

Along with the full moon in Leo, Venus and Mars make a powerful conjunction in Capricorn; this cosmic combination is passionate and driven to make results happen. The full moon will outshine any doubts while the planets of love and action join forces to take your decisions, goals, and dreams to the next level.

But wait, there’s more! This is also the first lunation since April 2021 without any major planets stationed retrograde. This gives February 2022’s full moon in Leo an extra sense of levity, warmth, and some enjoyable theatrics.

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February 2022’s full moon in Leo is also known as the Snow Moon. While the nickname may reference blistering cold temperatures and heavy snowfall, the full moon is symbolic of overcoming these challenges by keeping one’s heart and soul ablaze.

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Spiritually, the Snow Moon is a chance to look within and acknowledge one’s own burning passion — and how to share that with the world.

For more detailed information pertaining to your birth chart, read your rising sign in NYLON’s February 2022 horoscope.

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