Mars transits Capricorn from January 24 to March 6, 2022.
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Mars In Capricorn 2022 Is A Cosmic Powerhouse

Capricorn determination comes out full-swing with this Mars transit.

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When it comes to perseverance, stamina, and sheer willpower in astrology, nothing comes close to Mars in Capricorn. The planet of action thrives under the sea goat’s reign, making it the perfect astrological transit when it comes to planning, achievement, and general domination. Luckily for everyone, Mars is currently transiting Capricorn, bringing an influx of motivation and drive from January 24 through March 6. Find out everything you need to know about 2022’s Mars in Capricorn — and how to make the most of its astrological blessings — below.

Mars is exalted in Capricorn

Capricorn is the sign of Mars’ exaltation, which in layman’s terms means that the placement is the planet’s powerful sweet spot. Capricorn’s tenacity comes out full force with Mars; not only is the planet able to do its best work under the earth sign’s focused, can-do energy, but along with this placement and transit comes an unstoppable drive. Few things can stop a person with Mars in Capricorn from going after what they want, so when this transit comes around, that same fighting spirit and desire for success rolls through your birth chart.

Get sh*t done

With Capricorn’s goal-oriented vigor, use this transit to set yourself up for success. This six-week period is the perfect time to sow the seeds for any of your goals, or just tackle your to-do list. Capricorn is meticulous when it comes to details, so think of this Mars in Capricorn transit as great time to streamline your life, make improvements in efficiency, and avoid future procrastination-induced headaches.

Mars in Capricorn could also help your love life

Mars is all about action — how we make decisions, how we fight, and crucially, how we f*ck. A Mars in Capricorn transit can help bring about big shifts in your romantic life; single people can use the power of the sea goat to take the reigns and make the first move, while those already coupled up can get diligent about future plans and relationship milestones. Mars in Capricorn has never met an obstacle it didn’t tackle, so if your love life feels like its not up to your standards know that the cosmos are on your team if you decide to changes things up.

Clear (cosmic) skies ahead

2022’s Mars in Capricorn transit is relatively unencumbered by retrogrades or other challenging astrological weather. It’s essentially the equivalent of the cosmos saying, “It’s go time!” See where the following transits goes down in your birth chart by reading your rising sign in NYLON’s February 2022 horoscope.

Mars links up with Jupiter on February 3-5 for a boost from the planet of luck and expansion, then comes into a a powerful union with a retrograde-free Venus on February 14 to create a powerhouse of sexual and creative energy. At the tail-end of Mars’ journey through Capricorn on March 3, it meets up with Venus and Pluto for a final and intense blowout. Pluto is the planet of transformation, bringing an extra sense of depth to any celestial body that aspects it. Remember, “impossible” doesn’t exist for Mars in Capricorn. Ruminate on what power and drive mean in your life, and how much of each is necessary to get where you want to go — the planets are on your side.

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