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The February 2022 New Moon in Aquarius Brings Focus & Possibilities

February's New Moon in Aquarius Brings Focus & Possibilities

The moon renews itself on February 1, 2022 with a new moon in Aquarius. Find out everything you need to know, ahead.

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It’s 2022’s first new moon in an air sign

Air signs — especially Aquarius — are known for intellectualizing their emotions. So what happens when the moon, the zodiac’s emotional center, transits an air sign?

Aquarius’ innate distance will bring a sense of re-centering to this new moon. Depending on where it falls in your birth chart, it’s a chance to reassess your emotional world in a cool, calm, and collected manner.

It’ll help clear away any residual Venus retrograde dust

The new moon in Aquarius comes at the perfect time — Venus will have just come out of her retrograde.

If Venus retrograde asked us to take stock of our relationships and values, the new moon in Aquarius is the first step at integrating what was discovered.

Mercury will still be retrograde though

This is nothing to fear! As Mercury finishes out its retrograde during the new moon in Aquarius, think back on any communication insights or snafus from January 14-26.

Mercury moved through Aquarius during those dates, and will offer some communication insight on what’s working, and what needs to be revised. Look at where Aquarius is in your birth chart for more context, and let the new moon start you off on the right foot.

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A visionary with structure

Aquarius is traditionally ruled by Saturn — the planet of structure, time, and rules. And the new moon in Aquarius can bring out its best qualities.

“If Pisces promises a flood of consciousness, then the water-bearer must construct the levees,” says NYLON astrologer David Odyssey. “Aquarius must wield the technology to deliver the future with the personal detachment to handle its radioactive contents.”

So for the new moon in Aquarius, tap into the vision and the structure. What do you want to build and what tools do you need? The Aquarian energy knows no limits.

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