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The Best Formula 1 Podcasts To Fuel Your Obsession

There’s a pool of Formula 1 podcasts that await, from cheeky, beginner-friendly listens to thorough reporting, and beyond.

Over the last few years, Formula 1 has ranked as motorsport’s most daring star. Its emergence as a “not-so-new” yet niche sport attracts worldwide fandom, and some love the sport so much that they’re now leading the pack as popular content creators. Whether you're just discovering F1 or have always been a die-hard fan, there’s a selection of top-rated podcasts to refresh your queue on the market.

The podcast world is a vast space of endless personas to choose from, and there’s something for everyone — though finding the right one can be a challenging feat. The best shows, by our definition, are ones that can provide information in effortlessly witty and entertaining ways, are spearheaded by original content you won’t find elsewhere, and will fuel your F1 obsession. Through hours of researching and tuning in, here are the 10 must-listen Formula 1 podcasts you need to keep on rotation right now, below.

F1: Beyond the Grid

The official Formula 1 organization always comes in clutch with its in-studio content. Hosted by journalist Tom Clarkson, the Beyond the Grid series tracks the sport’s most iconic names to “slow down and open up” for once through exclusive and untold stories. In just an hour, Clarkson’s interviews with F1’s biggest stars reveal unforgettable insight, so expect to find drivers, team bosses, tech geniuses, and racing legends to pop in all year round.

The Quick Stop F1

The self-proclaimed “Blackity-Black F1 podcast,” Quick Stop F1 is a fan-favorite for many reasons. The Black-led show, hosted by Nyasha Sakutukwa and Thandie Sibanda, delivers the hosts’ analysis of the sport every week through an eye-opening lens, utilizing their natural British banter to make the complicated sport digestible for fans everywhere.

The Red Flags Pod

Brian Muller and Matt Elisofon are the voices behind The Red Flags Pod, the Brooklyn-based duo who went from childhood enemies to friends and eventually got their start together in F1 via the Drive to Survive series. As loyal Fernando Alonso fans, the co-hosts are known for hilarious jokes and answering the real questions on a weekly basis, like who the hottest driver is, and so much more.

WolfPack Performance

WolfPack Performance’s Jay keeps it real both in person and on his platforms. When speaking on motorsports, he sticks with his candid nature through a layout of hot takes, addressing both the surface and deeper cuts that’ll have you rethinking your stance on F1.


Kate and Nicole are the fangirls behind TwoGirlsOneFormula. The childhood friends have taken their F1 obsession to the public by mapping out their own space as female creators in a male-dominated sport. TwoGirlsOneFormula celebrates the hot drivers, of course, but welcomes fans in with their weekly deep dives into the sport’s rich history, general happenings, and more.

F1R The Girls

F1R The Girls gives listeners a twist on the usual commentary. Spearheaded by Chesa, Sarah, and Tiggy, the New York-based podcasters offer a refreshingly hilarious and informative take on post-race insight, technical explainers, the business of F1, as well as the driver personalities and on-and-off track drama that makes the sport so compelling.

Pitstop Fracas

An upbeat intro of F1’s most popular clips immediately welcomes listeners into the world of the Pitstop Fracas. Every week, Mahad and his friends give their lighthearted yet honest thoughts on the sport through conversations that feel as if you’re physically there, too.

The F1 Hour

Cameron has an infectious personality that makes F1 feel less intense than usual. The British creator brings the industry’s favorite stars to the forefront through exclusive interviews, along with his unpopular analytical takes and roundup on motorsport news.

Apex Takeover

Tonya and Martha’s Apex Takeover podcast bring their shared passion for motorsports to the masses. With guest speakers from industry leaders and like-minded creators, the duo knows how to keep their listeners engaged and informed.

Eff Won With DRS

Eff Won With DRS, starring Dax Randall Shepard, is a relatively new podcast getting its start in 2023. Shepard invites his friends to debrief F1 by highlighting drama in the zeitgeist and theories on the teams. And despite being fresh on the scene, he already has the scoop on drivers, like Red Bull’s reserve seater Daniel Ricciardo.