Frank Ocean Is Dropping A New Photography Book


Frank Ocean Drops Photography Book In Lieu Of An Album

Mutations is a mini-retrospective of Frank’s photographs over two months in 2022.

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The world is frothing for a new Frank Ocean album. Judging by the mess that was Ocean’s long-awaited Coachella headlining set, it doesn’t seem like it’s happening anytime soon — and in fact, it appears that Ocean has been exploring his other creative talents, which he’s sharing in a new photography book. It might not be an album, but in his benevolence, Ocean is releasing Mutations, a collection of his photographs, which is now available from Homer.

It’s been two years since Ocean launched his luxury brand Homer — which proved to be a refreshing departure from sexless celebrity brands by selling things like a jeweled cock ring. We’ve only gotten a sneak peek at Mutations, but it appears to be more tonally and less obviously sexual.

Like most things when it comes to Ocean, the details are obfuscated by hype, which is part of the fun of it all. What we do know is Mutations is a 48-page booklet on tissue-weight paper, featuring a retrospective of Ocean’s artwork from October 19 through December 22, 2022. It’s not clear exactly what the book entails, but judging from the web preview it appears we can expect grainy product shots of Homer’s germ-like pendants in slime-green and cerulean; photos of the singer in his bowl cut wig, as well chilling images of Ocean wearing a lime-green plastic mask that looks like what he carried at the 2021 Met Gala.

A new Homer campaign and collection is also coming, per a press release, but as expected, details were scarce. However, there do appear to be new silver pendants featuring figures poised with forks and knives, ready to chow down, as well as new campaign photos displaying a pendant with the words “BEEF.” (No Netflix collab detected.)

Mutations is available to purchase in store at Homer, 74 Bowery, NYC or online at for $75.

Courtesy of Homer
Courtesy of Homer
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