Julia Fox and Niki Takesh have a podcast called 'Forbidden Fruits' on Spotify.


Julia Fox & Niki Takesh’s ‘Forbidden Fruits’ Podcast Is For Society’s Outcasts

Julia Fox and Niki Takesh uncover the hilarious, weird, and somewhat dark reality of being human in the Spotify podcast, Forbidden Fruits.

Julia Fox and Niki Takesh, best friends and downtown New York gals about town, are taking their inquiring minds to Spotify with the podcast, Forbidden Fruits.

Forbidden Fruits dropped a trailer on October 21, including vibey lava lamp logo, Fox holding a Red Delicious, and a dreamy cloud background. Fox and Takesh break down the crux of the podcast, which will have them sinking their teeth into “issues the world is too afraid to touch.”

“We’ve grown so accustomed to hearing one-sided narrative being echoed throughout the world that we rarely care to hear the perspectives of those who are being vilified or shunned,” Takesh says in the trailer. Fox continues: “Having been in this industry as long as we have, you meet a lot of interesting people and you learn that sometimes the other side of the story deserves to be heard too.”

The aforementioned interesting people includes conversations with “felons, members of cults and outcasts of all types and sizes,” which is a refreshing move away from the many dull celebrity podcasts that currently saturate the market. That being said, maybe they should team up with Demi Lovato on their UFO expert quest? It could be a perfect fit.

Takesh goes on to explain why Forbidden Fruits will focus on societies outcasts, saying that both her and Fox are fascinated by people. “We want to to uncover the hilarious, weird, and somewhat dark reality of being human,” says Takesh, before Fox crucially adds that they also like having a space where they can “talk sh*t.” We are ready for any and all Uncut Gems gossip.

The podcast started earlier in 2021 on Fox’s Patreon, and in the debut episode “Big Guns, Small D*ck,” they go off on an unnamed NYPD cop who used to be one of Fox’s clients when she was a dominatrix-for-hire. Among other things, they reveal the cop has a micro-penis and Fox and Takesh try to get him to say “Black Lives Matter,” while choking and whipping him in a BDSM session. (Spoiler alert: He doesn’t say it.) We’ll see whether Spotify lets them continue this particular brand of rambunctious intensity or if the suits make them button it up a little more. Let the girls do their thing!

Listen to the full Forbidden Fruits trailer, below, and catch the first episode when it drops on October 29.