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Julia Fox Calls Ye “The Most Lit Rebound Ever”

Plus, her stance on celebrities working with paparazzi: “It’s not the most flattering thing to admit. But it’s the f*cking truth — and they all do it.”

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Julia Fox is excellent at being a celebrity. Maybe she’s born with it; maybe it’s her come-up as a dominatrix and East Village gallerina who exhibited paintings made from her own blood. Fox was already well known in New York, but briefly dating one of the world’s most famous men moved her from indie startlet to someone whom even my grandma was asking me about in group texts.

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Now, in an interview with High Snobiety, Fox is unveiling the curtain behind those weeks she dated Ye — where she got a master class from a capital C-Celebrity in how to capture the world’s attention.

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“He was the first person that I ever saw call the paparazzi or stage situations. I would’ve never done that,” she said in the interview. “Self-promotion. Shameless. Don’t be ashamed to call the paparazzi. When I would hear about celebrities doing that, I used to be snobby about it. ‘What losers. LOL.’ But now I’m like, ‘No, that’s how it works.’ It’s not the most flattering thing to admit. But it’s the f*cking truth — and they all do it.”

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Fox took the lesson to heart; in the weeks since dating Ye she’d been infamously photographed grocery shopping in her underwear. As a lowly plebe, being able to log onto Twitter dot com and be bombarded with images of Fox wearing outrageous DIY getups and while doing innocuous things is a joy and a delight — and it’s reminiscent of the Perez Hilton, US Weekly heydays of peak tabloid culture.

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It’s too kind a compliment to say Fox is the Paris Hilton for our times, but Charli XCX, who is quoted in the interview, said it best: “I just think Julia gets it…I just think she’s f*cking smart. She gives us what we want. She works the paparazzi like Paris Hilton did in the 2000s. She gives us viral quotes. She’s funny. I just think she’s truly seizing the moment with no fear.”

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Celebrities have one job, and though many of them think it’s to regale us with their wary stories of their commitment to method acting, it’s actually to entertain us. (Someone had to say it!) The Kardashian-Wests know this well (even the baby ones), and Fox is gleefully, openly taking a page from the masters.

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Fox also talked about what it was like to date Kanye, a relationship she calls “the most lit rebound ever.”

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“It was unsustainable. It couldn’t go on. I’m not at a point in my life where I can dedicate 100 percent of my life to somebody,” she said. “Some people come into your life for a reason and that’s it, and you got to keep it moving.” And if some people come into your life with Birkin bags for you and all your friends? All the better!

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But the most crucial thing Fox said in her interview revealed just how good of a celebrity she is: She knows that ultimately, none of her antics matter. “This is all just fun,” she said. “It’s just… distractions.”

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