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Kristen Stewart Is Working On a Stoner Girl Comedy with Fiancé Dylan Meyer

It’s supposed to be “really f*cking stupid.” Can’t wait!

From the time she was a child, Kristin Stewart has been known for her serious roles. The funniest film is probably Twilight, and that wasn’t even on purpose. But Stewart is, in fact, very funny, a side of herself she recently showed while interviewing Rachel Sennott for Interview Magazine, while the two were a little bit stoned.

Sennott and Stewart discussed their weed-smoking habits (or lack thereof), their writing habits, and their upcoming projects, which includes the hotly anticipated Bottoms, the queer buddy comedy starring Sennott and Ayo Edebiri, following two high schoolers who start a fight club to get closer to their cheerleader crushes, which Sennott co-wrote.

During the interview, Stewart casually revealed that she and her fiancé, screenwriter Dylan Meyer, are working on a stoner comedy, which Stewart described as “really f*cking stupid.” It’s a project in the spirit of working with people you actually like, which Sennott has done with director Emma Seligman, who directed Sennott’s breakout film Shiva Baby, as well as Bottoms.

“I think you’ll like it,” Stewart told Sennott. “But the reason I even thought of this is because our producer is our best friend. We’re starting a company. I’ve worked with so many people that I didn’t know and that I didn’t like for so long. It was definitely valuable, but also, f*ck that. We should do a movie together. What the f*ck?”

Stewart went on to talk about how she wants the first movie she writes and directs to be a true indie film, low on budget, but high on intimacy.

“I just want to make a Cassavetes movie,” Stewart said. “I want my first movie to be a student film, even if it takes three years. I’m also not going to make a movie for more than $5 million, because it makes me uncomfortable and they usually suck. But getting people to agree to do that is so hard.”

It’s not quite a student film, but Stewart will soon make her feature directorial debut with The Chronology of Water, the adaptation of Lidia Yuknavitch’s gorgeous, heart-wrenching memoir, which stars Imogen Poots and is produced by Ridley Scott.