Moxy Hotels & Sanctuary's Cosmic Curations Dives Into Astrocartography


Would You Let Astrology Guide Your Next Hotel Stay?

Make your next vacation approved by the cosmos.


The popularity of astrocartography continues to rise in 2024, from using it to plan major moves to picking a birth chart-approved vacation destination. Now, Moxy Hotels and Sanctuary are getting in on the action with Cosmic Curations, expanding on the app’s astrology insights to include a series of astro-adventure guides, personalized travel recommendations, and more to help guests align with the cosmos during their travels.

Starting Jan. 23. the Sanctuary app will tap into the power of astrocartography to feature free personalized travel dates, locations, and companion recommendations, specifically tailored to Moxy destinations around the world. Cosmic Curations’ travel-inspired horoscopes hopes to make 2024 the best year of travel — and once guests check-in at their Moxy Hotel destination, the IRL astrology perks kick in.

Travelers can partake in “Sip by Sign” cocktails with “cosmically-inspired coffee foam patterns” as well as a twist to Moxy’s “Bedtime Stories” program, which allows guests to hear 2024 predictions based on their birth sign’s element, enjoy a serene sound bath, or dig into dream interpretations. But the bespoke programming really takes the cosmic cake, featuring events like aura photography sessions at Moxy Virginia Beach in February, vernal equinox celebrations at Moxy Warsaw Praga, and a full moon watch party at Moxy Lisbon City this April — not to mention a VIP astrology experience in Athens, Greece, famously the birthplace of modern astrology.

“If there was ever a year for the stars to help inform travel, it would be 2024,” says Lauren Ash, Sanctuary astrologer. “The constant transition will encourage people to get out of their comfort zone, make bold choices, and set the tone for their future. Transformative travel doesn’t happen without big moves – your personal astrology can hold the key to taking that leap!”

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