Where To Travel In 2024, According To An Astrologer


Where To Travel In 2024, According To An Astrologer

Lisa Stardust and Delta Air Lines teamed up to help you plan your next vacation.


Thanks to the For You Pages of the astrologically obsessed, astrocartography — the branch of astrology which projects the aspects of your birth chart onto the map of planet Earth — is the cosmic trend du jour. By casting the influence of the planets upon cities and regions, astrocartography has inspired its believers to pack up their lives and move to places where the planets help them shine — but for those less eager to commit, astrologer Lisa Stardust (with help from Delta Air Lines) has just released a highly digestible astrocartography guide to your next vacation destination.

With suggestions based on a person’s sun sign and 2024’s biggest transits, Stardust’s recommendations include encouraging Taureans to embrace the decadence and indulgence of their planetary ruler Venus with the architectural delights of Lisbon and the baroque-art offerings of Naples. Meanwhile, Scorpios can fulfill their perpetual cravings for authenticity with locals-only destinations like San Juan, Puerto Rico and Auckland, New Zealand.

“When you pull up an astrocartography map online, you’re no longer looking at your own personal wheel, but at the entire globe, with lines for each planet crossing over different cities and regions,” says NYLON astrologer David Odyssey. For example, following your Venus line may bring focus on relationships, while following your Saturn line may initiate some growing up. “These lines each represent untapped and even suppressed psychological potentials,” writes astrologer Jim Lewis in The Psychology of Astro*Carto*Graphy, which will “lead these archetypes to see outer manifestation in your life.”

See all of Stardust and Delta’s astrological travel destinations here and start planning those itineraries.