Your Pluto In Aquarius Horoscope Resets Your Karma


Your Pluto In Aquarius Horoscope Resets Your Karma

Pluto in Aquarius sets off a two-decade reinvention of technology and culture. Where do you fit in this new future?

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Since 2008, Pluto, the planet of karma and metamorphosis, has been in Capricorn, where it has commanded a harrowing meltdown of the economy, sparked a distrust in our elected leaders, and brought nostalgia to a breaking point. The past is officially dead. Now what? As Pluto entered Aquarius for a few months in 2023, triggering a global panic over AI, quantum processing and other specters from the fast-approaching future. On Jan. 22, 2024, Pluto re-enters the sign of youth culture, technology, and collectivism, not dipping its toes into Pisces until 2043.

We know that Pluto’s run in Aquarius will deal with technology and those modes of idealism which we use to liberate or oppress the masses. Many of the platforms, systems, and beliefs which have come to dominate our reality will be up for a bigger review. Limiting ethics will fall apart. Only those who can see beyond algorithmic manipulation and reductive moralism will have a chance of keeping their wits intact. Inventiveness, collaboration and forward-thinking will be rewarded. Save for a retrograde or two, Pluto’s done with Capricorn. It’s time to stop crying for attention. Daddy’s not coming to save you.

Because Pluto transits can range for decades, their impacts are not always immediately felt on the natal chart. Indeed, you can consider the karmic generator’s entrance into a new sign or house as a directive for a bigger journey of healing. As Pluto rules the personal and collective underworld, whatever it does will bring up old grief, trigger a deeper reckoning, and finally hand you the keys to your fate. Woof.

We recommend that you read the horoscope of your rising sign, as it will more accurately spell out Pluto’s journey in your chart. Additionally, check if you have any planets in Aquarius or the fixed signs (Taurus, Leo, and Scorpio), to see if you’ll have any interesting squares or oppositions on the horizon.



In the sign of new technology, Pluto will certainly reshape much of our social reality. But as Pluto enters your 11th house of audience, network, and community, you won’t just be contemplating the toxicity of your social networks, you’ll be asking bigger questions of belonging. Who are your people? What are you putting out into the world, and who is it for? Much of your outsider identity will be confronted and demolished, and many of the stagnant relationships will be released. It’s time to find your place in the world.


Pluto spent the last 15-ish years in your ninth house of expanding horizons, where it annihilated many of your preconceptions about your future, your dreams, and the industry of your choosing. But out of the ashes comes renewal, as Pluto enters your 10th house of ambition and capital “C” career. You can really contemplate what you do, the purpose it serves, and its impact on the larger human collective. You are connecting to the deeper vibrations of your vocation that make you feel connected to something bigger, older, and scarier than you’d ever imagined. Your dreams were small. Good thing they’ve been cast aside. It’s time to step into the vastness.


What and who has held you back? What ancient narratives have limited your conception of what’s possible? As Pluto heads into your ninth house of expanding horizons, it will open up a new world of study, travel, discovery, and possibility. This awakening brings a confrontation with the limits of the past and the ways you’ve been influenced and subdued to fit your former small world. Deal with the gatekeepers in your mind and reckon with the ways you still keep yourself small. Take down your blinders.


The eighth house is thought of as the house of dying, which can apply literally, but more broadly speaks to how we cast off the roles we were once assigned for the sake of a new identity. In the eighth house, children become parents, individuals become spouses, and our conception of self is totally rocked. You are entering a two-decade saga meant to shift your limited sense of understanding. However you related to yourself or were seen in your family, forget about it. You are being challenged to take on a bigger role doing work you never imagined. Let go of who you were, and let the relationships in your life shift your way forward. Do whatever it takes to say goodbye. This is your path now.


Pluto’s sixth house Capricorn journey involved your body, your limits, and your sense of self. Do you exist? What kind of space do you take up in the world? With that reclamation complete, we can now introduce you to those fated relationships which are meant to move you into your destiny. In Aquarius, Pluto will transform your seventh house of public visibility and others, introducing you to the people who see you as you truly are, and who will challenge you to rise to your fullest potential. These relationships are meant to challenge your previous self-conception, and evoke the ghosts of your family history. Face it. You’ve only just begun to find your people. Let them set you off, and try to understand what old wounds they’re exposing. Every relationship is a vehicle, and you’re about to board the Starship Enterprise. Trust that every encounter is meant to open your mind and shake you out of complacency.


Virgo’s ruling domain is the sixth house, of the body and boundaries. Guess where Pluto’s headed? You are about to go on a psychedelic voyage of self-reclamation, which will bring you into an entirely new relationship with your body and change the way you understand health, work, and relationships. Every discovery you make about yourself, every new boundary you set, will bring with it some vibration of grief, as you understand the ways you’ve compromised yourself for others in the past. By the end of this long transit, your life will be your own, and the pastwill truly feel like ancient history. Make space for grieving as you come into new strength — in this process, the two will, inevitably, go hand in hand.


Pluto is finally done with its karmic processing of your fourth house of roots and family. Now, it enters the fifth house of creativity and embodied expression, where you get to make your mark on the world. This is the domain of pleasure, athleticism, romance, art, and even children — all those things which are yours to create and cultivate. Sounds good, but often, when the sun hits us after a long winter, the thaw can be painful. What old baggage must you leave behind? Meet every new moment of creation with intention, gratitude, and even mourning, and you’ll be able to feel present for the personal renaissance to come.


Along with Mars, Pluto rules your chart. Its gig, as the engine of transformation, is to propel you — and those in your field of contact — into your next elevated incarnation. You’re no stranger to what this entails: an underworld journey, an initiation, death and rebirth. For the next two decades, this process goes down in your fourth house of home, roots, family, and foundations. When it comes to your ancestry, what lost histories have yet to be reclaimed? What biological karma has yet to be healed? As of now, it’s on you to repair your family line. Make sense of where you come from, and the rewards promise a new life and a liberated future for you and your entire family line. Pull out the old photo albums and get going: You’ve got a bloodline to save.


Pluto enters the third house of daily life, culture, and conditioning. This is not Sagittarius’s favorite, because it concerns the micro aspects of life, and not the big picture questions in which the centaur delights. And yet. The keys to god consciousness do not await you in some foreign land, but in line at your local butcher shop. Every interaction, routine, and small act of intention carries the seed of awakening. You will likely have to purge your established conditioning, change your relationship with your phone, and leap into strange and dazzling new lifestyle choices. But it will be worth it, for you’ll come to greet every day as an adventure, and no longer seek beyond the life you’ve got.


The second house is said to concern our personal finances, which is, of course, the thorniest of brambles to cut through. As the god of the underworld hits your money domain, you’ll have to confront your limits around earning, and face deeper questions of self worth. How were you conditioned to think about money? What do you think you deserve? And how is that being projected into the world? As a Capricorn rising, it’s your destiny to cultivate cash, and plan for a rich and satisfying future. But to do that, you’ll have to purge the tired programming that says you’re not good enough. Do this work, and you’ll be done with imposter syndrome for good. We need you leading the way. Go reboot your confidence, so you can help us get our acts together.


What an assignment! In Capricorn, Pluto spent 15+ years bringing karmic finality to your 12th house of closure. As capitalism showed its cracks, you went through your own personal underworld odyssey, reconciling your own history, lineage, and legacy. Now, Pluto rises at dawn, at the beginning of your chart. After everything you’ve experienced, and all the internal processing, you must now serve as an agent of metamorphosis. You must wear the wisdom you have cultivated, and trust that your presence in the lives of others has a larger karmic purpose. Share what you’ve been through, and confront your fear of stepping into the light.


Aquarius can be found in your 12th house of healing, processing, and creative closure. This is the Piscean domain, and from here, Pluto intends to heal old wounds once and for all. Because Pisces rules the 12th house, we understand that the ways you deal — be it through sound baths, sculpture, or journal entries — will reverberate into the larger collective consciousness. By going deep, by excavating the sarcophagi within your subconscious, you will not only trigger your own regenesis, but show the rest of us how to do it, too. You’re no longer only a patient, but a healer and an artist. By committing to your interior life, you can help us heal our own collective wounds.

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