Guests celebrate the opening of photographer Tyrell Hampton's gallery show.
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NYLON Party Report Card: Tyrell Hampton’s “Go Home” Opening

Inside the party with the nightlife photographer Tyrell Hampton, Aweng Chuol, Iris Law, and more.

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Welcome to NYLON’s Party Report Card, where we give you the Who, What, Where, Why and When on this week’s hottest parties — plus all the gossip you missed. It’s the inside scoop you need to feel like you were on the invite list. Sorry in advance for the FOMO.

WHAT: Tyrell Hampton’s opening for his show “Go Home,” at SN37 Gallery

WHEN: Friday, November 19

WHO: Aweng Chuol, Selah Marley, Renell Medrano, Ridwan Ibrahim, Stela Duval, Shaniqwa Jarvis, Iris Law, Andre Wagner

WHERE: 204 Front Street, the new SN37 lofted gallery space at the Seaport in Manhattan

WHY: To celebrate the opening of photographer Tyrell Hampton’s gallery exhibition “Go Home,” featuring nightlife photography from his years living in New York City. It was also the inaugural exhibition for artist management company SN37’s gallery space.

THE VIBE: There’s rarely such a high concentration of models in one place, especially in the Seaport district, a developer’s wet dream of new buildings that make their own mini metropolis that feels distinctly outside Manhattan. A group of tall, beautiful people stood smoking outside, while inside, it was so packed that it took a good five minutes to reach the bar on the other side of the room, which was next to a wall of photographs of people engaging in quintessentially sloppy bar makeouts. Guests at the opening kept it more low-key, drinking San Pellegrino or sparking white wine poured into glass tumblers, while someone you’ve likely seen in a Gap ad on a Times Square billboard put their hand gently on your should to squeeze by you as you tried not to bump into the grown child of a celebrity. The staircase in the middle of the gallery served as a runway in its own right, with groups of people posing for photographs, using it to take advantage of their angles. In true scene gallery opening form, it was less about the art than it was about looking good while looking at the art. But Tyrell Hampton had the biggest presence of the night, constantly bouncing to different corners of the room to say hello to a new group of beautiful people wanting to take photos with him, but still making time to take plenty of pics on his iPhone, none of which we’re sad to report have made it on his maximalist TikTok — yet.

BEST DRESSED: Aweng Chuol, who descended the stairs in an high-neck azure slip gown with a shiny black puffer draped to her elbows, creating an accidental runway moment.

OVERHEARD: Can you actually stay there so I can take a photo? The angle is really good,” chic man in his 60s, to me, while I tried to get by him to go up the stairs.

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