Ralph Lauren Is Launching a Partnership with 'Fortnite'
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Ralph Lauren Enters The Fortnite Metaverse

The old world converges with the new.

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Once again, Ralph Lauren is taking big steps into the metaverse (in really nice loafers.) This time, they’re launching a partnership with Fortnite.

Fortnite and Ralph Lauren may seem like an unlikely pair. Ralph Lauren is famous for its old world classics, like boat necks, polos, and cashmere sweaters. But whether or not anyone fully understands it, the metaverse is here, and all of us, including brands, can choose to sit it out, or embrace it. Ralph Lauren is choosing the latter — and is not only begrudgingly accepting the turns of time, but is inspired by the future.

In fact, the company is so inspired that Ralph Lauren created a new logo with Fortnite, marking the first time the company has ever re-designed the Polo Pony logo in its 55-year history. Ralph Lauren will also be the first luxury brand to co-host a player tournament with Fortnite. In addition to the logo redux, the partnership will include an exclusive digital apparel and accessories collection, which will launch in the Fortnite Item Shop starting November 5. There will be an IRL physical retail collection, some of which includes the new co-branded logo, launching November 2, with an additional drop December 1.

For as classic a brand as it is, Ralph Lauren has always been at the forefront of the metaverse. In December, the company opened virtual stores in Roblox, selling virtual retro skiwear, including puffer jackets and checkered beanies, all priced between $3-5. Ralph Lauren’s CEO Patrice Louvet is doubling down on the brand’s commitment to its metaverse expansion. He also said the company is considering NFTs.

“One of our strategies is to win over a new generation and the new generation is there. So we have to be there,” Louvet said in January at the National Retail Federation’s annual conference. “There are a lot of parallels actually between the metaverse and Ralph’s vision because we are not a fashion company. We are in the dreams business.” Admittedly, that’s a pretty good line; brava, Mr. CEO!

To get in good further with “the kids,” so to speak, in celebration of the launch, Ralph Lauren will host a Twitch livestream event in New York City on Thursday, November 3 with gaming influencers, brand ambassadors and a musical performance by Polo G. I, meanwhile, will be at Polo Bar.

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