photo via flirtmoji


emojis just got x-rated

here’s how to up your sexting game.

by sara tardiff

Much like eyebrow game, keeping your sexting game strong requires dedication, refined taste, and constant self-evaluation. You must ask yourself questions like:

Exactly how descriptive can I get before turning this into an anatomy lesson?Does the "take your socks off" rule apply when taking sexy pics, too?

And most importantly in this digital age

Which emojis can I string together to be both hot and actually make sense?

Ah, emojis (a.k.a. modern-day hieroglyphics)—although not inherently sexy, put a tongue emoji and some cartoonish water droplets side-by-side and you’ll get your message across. For those who get a little shy when receiving a “What would you do to me right now?” text, getting creative with emojis (Bumble bee and a flower? Lipstick smooch and a banana?) can be the perfect response. Now, Flirtmoji offers a whole new level of sexting perfection, with emojis that are anything but complicated to decipher. No need to search for which combos create some kind of sexy narrative, these emojis do it for you.

Their mission statement: "Flirtmoji is a visual language designed to empower people of all sexualities to communicate their desires, concerns, and flirtations. We are a group of designers, developers, and hornballs on a mission to give the people playful, inclusive, and functional sex emoji."

Replace that exhausted winking or heart-eyed emojis with something a little more scandalous. We’re talking strap-ons, boobs of all kinds, a variety of birth control methods, every inch of genitalia imaginable, and blow up dolls galore. While Instagram might be terrified of the nipple, these emojis are anything but. Next time you get a "What are you into?" sext, prove you're on your A-game with a few horny-mojis.

According to their blog: "Here at Flirtmoji, we think sex is good, natural, important, and fun. We believe that good communication and good sex are inextricable. When we ask, explain, and consent we improve our sexual experiences."

Fifteen flirtmojis put you back only $0.99, and you can shop according to your taste with some very kinky themes (think Fetish 101, Toyland, BDSMs, and more). You won't find these awesome new icons at the App Store though (too "explicit"). Instead, head over to Flirtmoji to download and keep your sexting game at a pro-level.

photo via flirtmoji