Frankie's Bikinis


Sydney Sweeney Is Dropping a 'Euphoria'-Inspired Frankie's Bikini Collaboration

One of television’s most famous hot tub scenes has inspired a swimsuit collection, sans pink one-piece.

Sydney Sweeney is the newest face of Frankie’s Bikinis, launching her own collection later this month. You’d be forgiven for thinking this collaboration has already happened — after all, Sweeney famously wore a hot pink Frankie’s one-piece in the notorious Euphoria hot tub scene where Cassie has a meltdown over Nate and pukes everywhere.

The scene spawned a 500-plus waitlist for the swimsuit, the $180 Gemma wrap one piece from Frankie’s. Now, Sweeney has made the partnership official — dropping her own effortlessly sexy designer collection that makes you forget all about the puke.

Inspired by Italian summer romance (not unlike The White Lotus Season 2, but make it not deadly), and shot in Rome, Sweeney’s collection is a romantic, sexy take on Frankie’s typically Southern California designs. Sweeney’s collections include lace and ruffle details, as well as tiny bows, and a kiss print of her lips. The photoshoot is styled in the most dramatic of Catholic-core garb, including large silver cross necklaces and white lace veils and gloves. It may only be March, but the sneak peek into Sweeney’s collection is enough to get us planning a coastal Italian sojourn.

Frankie's Bikinis
Frankie's Bikinis
Frankie’s Bikinis
Frankie's Bikinis

“I think it’s powerful to show the world you are unapologetically yourself. We wanted pieces that made people feel confident and free in their bodies,” Sweeney said in an interview with Elle about the collaboration, which she says was sparked after the Euphoria scene. “We felt Rome really captured and invoked the feelings behind the collection. We wanted a space that complimented the details on the pieces, but also somewhere we had the freedom to move and play.”

The Frankie’s collaboration is not Sweeney’s first foray into swimwear. Last May, lifestyle brand LA Collective sued her for allegedly breaking a contract to model and promote its new Somewhere Swimwear label, as reported by TMZ. The legal battled continued throughout the summer, when attacks started getting a little more pointed, with LA Collective allegedly calling Sweeney a “B Movie” star, and shaming her for nude scenes, comments which Sweeney’s lawyers called “disgusting.”

Luckily, Sweeney’s found the right swimsuit partner, with her Frankie’s Bikini collaboration launching on March 14 at 12 p.m. ET, with a second release to follow in April. You can sign up for early access here.