12 Of Our Favorite Non-Alcoholic Drinks For Dry January & Beyond

For the sober-curious among us.

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Never has it been chicer to skip a cocktail and opt for a non-alcoholic alternative that’s also conveniently hangover-free. Just ask Bella Hadid, Cara Delevingne, Demi Lovato, or any of the other celebrities embarking on a sober lifestyle (or at least, a Cali-sober one.) As the number of people abstaining from alcohol continues to rise, Dry January is starting to feel less like a month and more like a lifestyle. Below, we share our favorite mocktails and non-alcoholic beverages that make exploring sobriety a little more flavorful.

De La Calle!

This fermented pineapple beverage packs the bold flavors of Mexico into a can with 10 remixes of the traditional Nahua drink that’s been around since pre-Hispanic Mesoamerica. I’m always drawn to savory flavors, so Del La Calle’s Tamarind Citrus and Mango Chili quickly became my go-tos for when I’m craving something tangy and bright. - Layla Halabian, culture editor


With a 1:1 ratio of THC and CBD, Wynk gives the perfect buzz for a balanced brain and body high. As a bonus, it comes in three yummy flavors: Black Cherry Fizz, Juicy Mango, and Lime Twist, which also make for a good cocktail base for flavorful, easy-to-down vodka sodas. - Sophia June, culture writer


I don’t drink (booze) at home, but every once in a while, I’ll have a splash of Aplós Calme served neat in an Our Place Party Coupe. I’m obsessed with the yuzu and shiso — and the fact that the broad-spectrum hemp helps me stop feeling like my atoms are vibrating after a stressy day. - Chelsea Peng, managing editor

De Soi

2024 is the year of the amaro, and for all non-drinkers who want to enjoy the sweet bitterness of a well-made apéritifs, De Soi is here. With a celebrity cofounder (Katy Perry) and cans that look like they could be in the MoMA gift shop, De Soi checks all the boxes of a buzzy aperitif brand — but it’s also delicious: sweet, without being cloying, and with the perfect amount of fizz . - SJ

St. Agrestis’ Phony Negroni

Classic cocktail lovers can rejoice with St. Agrestis’ Phony Negroni, which mimics the bitterness of a classic negroni with hints of juniper, citrus, and floral notes. There’s even carbonation to make it closer to the real thing. - LH


Even high-end liqueurs are getting the booze-free beverage treatment: French spirits maker Giffard recently released a non-alcoholic liqueur, available in pineapple, ginger, grapefruit, and elderflower, which means your at-home mocktail bar is about to be seriously elevated. A little ginger liqueu, soda water, and lime makes the perfect après-work beverage. - SJ


Not only is Proxies vibrant and full-bodied, the alcohol-free wine is elegant enough to gift to a sober friend. Another bonus: Proxies can also be a go-to for any recipes that call for wine. - LH


Olipop makes healthy fizzy beverages with prebiotics, updating classics like orange and grape sodas for the modern palette. Their root beer, in particular, slaps, and has become the most popular in the U.S, according to CNBC. This month, Olipop launched a Mocktail Starter Kit including three cans of four of the company’s popular flavors, along with a virtual mixologist who can offer suggestions based on ingredients you already have at home. - SJ


With only 2 milligrams of THC, Cann won’t hit you like a freight train (unlike some edibles!) but instead brings a giggly, bubbly buzz that keeps you charismatic through dinner parties and ragers alike. Plus, its light and fruity flavor combos — like Grapefruit Rosemary, Lavender Lemon, and Blood Orange Cardamom — are sweet but never cloying. - LH

New Brew

With its groovy font and high-contrast colorway, the self-proclaimed “euphoric seltzer” New Brew only seems like it has weed in it. What New Brew offers in lieu of THC is kratom and kava root, which has historically been used by Indigenous people for their medicinal properties. Personally, I love the caffeine boost, which feels cleaner than traditional energy drinks. - SJ


You can’t talk about non-alcoholic beverages without mentioning Ghia, the herbal, tannic apéritif and an early name in the now-stacked market. It’s a satisfying bitter-to-sweet ratio that works on the rocks or as a spritz — and now comes in a juicy, fruit-forward Berry version for those with a sweeter palette. But to me, Ghia’s true highlight is its collection of salty, spicy canned spritzes that are nothing short of mouth-watering. - LH

Kin Euphorics

I find it’s just as chic to carry around a can of Kin at a party than even the prettiest of beer cans. But even better than that, Kin keeps me in a relaxed, zen-like state during the function. Kin Euphorics has been in the non-alcoholic beverage industry since 2017 when it fused botanics, nootropics, and adaptogens rooted in Ayurvedic medicine into beautifully designed cans. Since then, founders Jen Batchelor and Bella Hadid have expanded their offerings to four flavors, from earthy to smoky to fruity. - SJ

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