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The 14 Best Hangover Cures, According to Celebs

Tuna melts and milkshakes, cryotherapy, cactus water, and more.

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In our out-of-the-box interview series NYLON 19, we sometimes ask celebrities about their best hangover cures. This means that, over the years, we’ve conducted an unofficial study on what kinds of recuperation happens in the homes of your favorite famous people after a big night out. While some say they either avoid alcohol altogether or simply stop once they’ve reached their limit (must be nice), those who do imbibe have some helpful tips to get you through New Year’s Day — or any other occasion on which you’ve been over-served.

Ahead, Vanessa Hudgens, Lana Condor, Princess Nokia, and more celebrities share the remedies they turn to when they’re feeling rough, from cryotherapy to charcoal pills.

Lana Condor

“What's my hangover cure? Well, have you ever done cryotherapy? I think that that'll wake you up real good, or a really cold bath. It's actually very, very good for you, to go through hot and cold. You feel better and look better.”

Vanessa Hudgens

Last year, Venessa Hudgens told NYLON that after a few too many Fever-Tree gin and tonics (her drink of choice), she’ll drink a Caliwater (her brand of canned cactus water) as a hangover cure.


“My go-to hangover cure is, I think, orange juice and coffee, and when the stomach is able, French fries. Something fried, something salty helps.”

Julia Michaels

“I've had quite a few drunken nights before. And I usually always end up at a restaurant in LA called Swingers. Me and my friends will have tuna melts and milkshakes at 2 a.m. to try and sober up.”

Bre Tiesi

“My hangover cure is hair of the dog. You have to have a beer or have another drink, and then I just need some Excedrin, a sh*t ton of coconut water and water, and hopefully a nap. Not that I'm getting any of that these days.”

Tati Gabrielle

“I don't get hangovers often anymore because I don't like them. I very much restrict the amount of alcohol that I take in if I'm going out. But my hangover cure is a Korean stew called Sundubu-jjigae, which is a soft tofu stew. That and some rice, man, that just puts me right.”

Princess Nokia

“My hangover cure is lots of potatoes, lots of greens, lots of garlic. Then I do juices. I make a hangover cure. So I'll do cucumber and lime or just a lot of lime water. And I'll take my vitamins and I will blend them together. So I'll juice a lot of alkaline water and put a lot of lemon into it, and then I'll just crack in Ashwagandha and vitamin C and I'll take some charcoal pills. And then just flush it out my system.”

Jaren Lewison

“My hangover cure is Liquid IV. It's like an electrolyte powder. And if you drink it before you start boozing, for the most part, I've had pretty good success. Then if I need to, it'll be two liquid gel Advils.”


“I don't get hangovers but if I did, I’d drink a ‘Moonmosa’ to cure it. It's something I invented this year at SXSW: tequila and fresh orange juice.”

Ashe Ashlyn

“I feel like the best hangover cure is just staying in bed and watching movies all day, which is kind of boring but true.”

Meghann Fahy

“I’ve tried those hangover patches made of B vitamins but didn’t really feel like they did very much. My hangover cure is just drink lots of water throughout the night.”

The Birkin Boyfriends

Liam and James, TikTok’s Birkin Boyfriends, told NYLON that their hangover cure is a blue Italian ice cream called “Puffo.” “It's like bubblegum,” says Liam. According to James, the name means “Smurf” in Italian.


“My best hangover cure is always just drinking an obscene amount of water the next day. I feel like that always flushes out my system and makes me feel a lot better.”

Erika De Casier

Erika De Casier might have put it best when she told NYLON that she’s come to learn “there’s no hangover cure.” After a night out, the Danish song-maker shares that she does some light activity, like a walk, but otherwise tries not to “expect too much” of herself on those days — perhaps practicing self-compassion is the greatest hangover cure of all.

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