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Let The TikTok Hot Sauce Oracle Help You With Life’s Big Questions

Every generation has its seer, and for Gen Z, it includes a drawer of leftover Taco Bell hot sauce packets.

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The ancient Greeks had the oracle of Delphi, Gen X and Millennials had the Magic 8 ball; now, Gen Z’s TikTok users have the hot sauce oracle to answer life’s most difficult questions.

Like any good oracle, its origin story has a sense of immediate mysticism. The user @hotsauceoracle started predicting people’s futures via a drawer of leftover Taco Bell sauce packets on July 12 and already has gained hundreds of thousands of views on its more than 130 videos.

“Hello and welcome to this installment of ‘I predict your future using these oracle tools,’” the user behind the account says in the first hot sauce oracle video, as she opens a drawer to reveal dozens of sauce packets. “Shuffle the deck, shuffle the deck,” she says as she moves the packets around with her hands in a nice moment of plastics ASMR, before grabbing a packet that says “Play it cool,” which I guess is always good advice. She asked people to comment questions for the oracle to tackle, and received 2300 comments on her first video alone.

In the next videos, she asks the oracle questions like, “How do I move on from my 5 year relationship that finally ended?” The oracle revealed: “Besties.” “Trust your friends. Whoever the best people in your life are, go to them they’re looking out for you,” she says. “[The flavor is] mild. You don’t have to be serious about anything. Try to have fun with your besties.”

Other questions include: “What am I doing with my life?” Answer: “Always the plan.” “Is he the one?” Answer: “And...done.” “I wanna know if he’s lying to me about his feelings LOL.” Answer: “Didn’t hear it from me!”

The hot sauce oracle even answers life’s more serious questions, like if someone should call off their engagement after not clicking for a while. Thankfully, the hot sauce oracle proceeds with caution, choosing two hot sauce packets for extra clarification of the fate revealed. She groans when the packets literally read “Marry me!” and “It’s a secret.”

You can ask the hot sauce oracle your own questions by commenting on TikTok. But careful! The hot sauce oracle knows all.

NYLON reached out to the hot sauce oracle for comment. (Seeing the future can be very time-consuming.)

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