Marsanne Brands Makes Artistic Streetwear That Fights Sexism

We talked to the founder and designer

We visited streetwear brand Marsanne Brands' studio recently and let brand founder Chloe Marsanne and designer-coordinator Hailey Rutt, show us their design process. The two also chatted about why they wanted to saturate the street style subculture with genderless clothing. Marsanne said she broke into the industry to "fight the sexist, alpha culture that is streetwear, currently" and make clothes free of gender labels to try to promote equality.

"There's no male section or female section," Rutt noted. "We like to think that all of our clothes look best on human beings." And they do.

Watch, above, as the designers tell us why they think genderless streetwear is important and why they love incorporating text into their designs.


Produced by Alexandra Hsie

Shot by Charlotte Prager and Gretta Wilson

Edited by Charlotte Prager