What Mascara Can Really Outlast Our Tears?

We tested out five different mascaras while cutting onions to see if any would stay put while we cut onions.

Okay, so, on a list of the most tear-inducing activities, cutting onions is way up there with watching a movie where the dog dies. The only thing worse than the pain that comes from chopping one up, though, is ruining your makeup in the process. And, while some brands claim to be more waterproof than others, we decided to put some new releases to the test in the most entertaining way we know (because watching us cry to Marley & Me, while just as relatable, would be less funny).

In the video above, watch a few of our staffers put their mascara through the wringer and, below, read how their eye looks stood up.


Produced by Alexandra HsieShot by Dani OkonEdited by Daniel Chamberlin

Jenna Igneri, Associate Fashion and Beauty Editor

To say I was excited when I learned that Pat McGrath was launching a buildable, long-lasting, ultra-black mascara this Valentine's Day would be an understatement. But, while I truly mean that this is one of the best mascaras I have ever used, I must note that it, unfortunately, lost its battle against my onion-induced tears. With that said, I'll be saving this for nights out on the town, but on nights when I'm staying in and cooking, I'll wait to apply until after I'm done cooking dinner.

Pat McGrath, FetishEyes Mascara, $28, available at Sephora starting February 14.

Lindsay Hattrick, Design Assistant

As soon as I saw that the Maybelline Snapscara was not waterproof, I knew I was in trouble. While the mascara made my lashes look separated and spidery (in a good way), it was not a match for the waves of tears brought on by nonstop onion chopping. The first wave of onion-induced tears brought a single blue mascara-tainted tear à la LC on The Hills. The second wave left me looking like post-breakdown Taylor Swift in the "Blank Space" music video. Ultimately, this mascara is not onion tear-proof, and I suggest a pair of goggles if you intend to chop onions while trying to maintain your eye look.

Maybelline, Snapscara Washable Mascara in Pitch Black, $7.99, available at Ulta.

Sesali Bowen, Senior Entertainment EditorI absolutely loved how vibrant the color was on this mascara; you can wear it alone to serve drama without too much effort. It didn't stand a chance against the onion, though, being that I'd applied it on my bottom lashline. But it didn't make a huge mess on my face, either. And, because it's not black, it's way easier to manage if any of it smudges or runs.

Maybelline, Snapscara Washable Mascara in Ultra Violet, $7.99, available at Ulta.

Dani Okon, Video EditorAs someone who cries at least four times a day, I would recommend this mascara to anyone who doesn't mind a little post-cry clean-up. My lashes were still about halfway covered by the time of my last chop, but the tear-induced smudges were gone with the quick wipe of a Q-tip.

Milani, Most Wanted Lashes: Lavish Lift & Curl Mascara, $9.99, available at Milani.

Annalise Domenighini, Social Media DirectorLet's be completely honest with each other: No one cuts onions unless they want a good cry. I know this because, in college, I worked at a dining hall, and whenever I needed a good cry, I would either hide in the bakery fridge (located in a rarely visited corner) or volunteer to cut onions. I couldn't wear mascara because of potential "contamination" or whatever, but I don't care about that now because I can see that it was fate telling me to wait until Rimmel revealed its Scandaleyes Wow Wings mascara to really have the cry of the century. Does this mascara stand up against the power of onions? Not at all. Does it give you the drama of Lauren Conrad's single tear? The passion of Beyoncé's "Why Don't You Love Me?" video? Absolutely. And isn't that, after all, what cutting onions is all about?

Rimmel London, Scandaleyes Wow Wings Mascara in Extreme Black, $10.75, available at Amazon.

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