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Did Nicki Minaj Get Secretly Married?


Nicki Minaj really, reallydoesn't care what we think about her relationship with registered sex offender Kenneth Petty. So much so that the Queen artist may have secretly married him.

The rapper held her 12th episode of Queen Radio live from London today. In between talk about her love for the city and identifying with London artists, she casually drops the H-word. While discussing the importance of men showing affection and their obsession with her feet, Minaj says: "Every night when I get out of the shower, my husband takes this really good lotion that we just bought, and he massages my feet, and rubs them, and he rubs each toe individually, and the heel, and the ball of my foot, and he does it all."

That's it. She doesn't go into details about a wedding or dish about a proposal, she just moves on to the next topic at hand. It's such a brief, fleeting moment that it's unclear if Minaj misspoke, let the news slip, or is trolling us all. And honestly, all three are possible.

Petty and Minaj have reportedly known each other since they were young but just started dating a couple of months ago. According to TMZ, the two have been considering marriage and kids since December, but, other than a few cutesy couple pictures, there's been no sign of a ring or pictures of Minaj in a white dress. If she does have a husband now though, does that mean she'll go by Mrs. Petty? We kind of hope so.