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Tinashe Shares Her Guide to Surviving Las Vegas

The singer talks to NYLON about doing things right in the city of sin.

Las Vegas is not for the faint of heart. You can’t arrive expecting to make the most of your time in the City of Sin without at least some sort of plan in place. The name of the game here, after all, is pacing yourself — at least according to Tinashe, and as a seasoned Vegas professional, we’re choosing to believe her wholeheartedly. “Most of the time that I come it's for a power 24 hours,” the singer says. “You come in, you party, and leave.”

For Grammys weekend, Tinashe was in town to celebrate her partnership with Grey Goose Essences, performing at the brand’s exclusive Sound Sessions brunch, where she delighted fans with a trio of her biggest hits before retiring to her green room, Grey Goose spritz in hand. There, the “2 On” singer shared her must-have tips for surviving Vegas, as well as her go-to club style and how to deal with a hangover if you don’t heed to her advice.

What is your strategy for having a successful weekend in Vegas?

First of all, you have to come in already lit. You're getting lit on the plane. You have to have your outfit for the night set up, so you arrive, you put your stuff in the room and then you go straight to dinner and then a club, event, whatever. Once you're really f*cked up then you've got to put $100 on black and spin the roulette table though honestly, I don't like gambling because it really puts you in a bad mood if I f*cking lose.And then you just maybe get some french fries and go to sleep. And chug water So you're not so hung over tomorrow that you can't get on your flight.

Do you go in with a drinking strategy, as well?

My strategy is usually to stick to what I would consider the lighter drinks. You do wine and champagne first, then move into the shots and the vodka. But you've got to pace yourself to get to that point. I can't do that for a 12 hour window. There's got to be a four hour window where I’m trying to get lit.

Are you a cocktail girl?

I like this spritz I’m drinking right now. It's got rosemary, so it's really refreshing. I do like an espresso martini. I love any kind of cocktail that's not super sweet. I feel like if it's too sweet then it'll give me a headache, maybe.

How about hangover cures if you don’t pace yourself?

French fries and chicken tenders — fatty foods.

How about when it comes to dressing for a night out? Where do you start?

There's such a look that most people bring to Vegas: the little short club dress, body-con, show your legs. I love that look, totally great. Makes sense in Vegas. However, I think it's really easy to stand out here. It's really easy, if you have any personal style. Vegas is an excuse to lean into your personal style.

You just performed and we’re approaching the eve of the Grammys — are you going to take it easy tonight or make the most of your time here?

I've got to pace myself a little bit, but I'm trying to have fun. This was my job, so I’m done working. There's so many parties, so many events. There's people hitting me up, and I'll just see where the night takes me. If I'm a little hungover in the morning tomorrow it's whatever. I can put on a face mask, I can hydrate.