Party Report Card

Tommy Hilfiger Packs The Room With Gen Z Powerhouses For NYFW

Plus, an exclusive look at how Avani Gregg got ready for the intimate dinner.

Welcome to NYLON’s Party Report Card, where we give you the Who, What, Where, Why, and When on this week’s hottest parties — plus all the gossip you missed. It’s the inside scoop you need to feel like you were on the invite list. Sorry in advance for the FOMO.

WHEN: Monday, February 13

WHO: Madelyn Cline, Ice Spice, Avani Gregg, Lydia Night, Rickey Thompson, Noah Beck, Aoki Lee Simmons, Charlotte Lawrence, Natalia Bryant, Ava Maxx

WHERE: The Nines, a vibe-y supper club located above ACME in New York City

WHY: To celebrate New York Fashion Week

THE VIBE: Paris Fashion Week came early. From the swanky interiors to the caviar-topped potatoes, the ultra-chic dinner felt far more 2nd Arrondissement than Bond Street. Of course, there were plenty of all-American touches to remind you that this was still a Tommy Hilfiger dinner. There were the outfits — lots of denim, a letterman jacket or two, and plenty of plaid — the main course of burgers and fries, and most of all, the guest list. Looking around, every facet of Young Hollywood could be found, from TikTok royalty (Avani Gregg) to music’s biggest rising star (Ice Spice).

Madelyn Cline
Tommy Hilfiger and Ice Spice
Noah Beck
Aoki Lee Simmons
Orion Carloto
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The night culminated with a special performance by Charlotte Lawrence, who warned the crowd that while this was indeed Valentine’s Eve, two of her four songs were about cheating. No one seemed to mind, especially when she got everyone to join in on her final song: a cover of Gotye’s “Somebody That I Used to Know.”

BEST DRESSED: Orion Carloto in a retro plaid suit.

OVERHEARD: “I wasn’t going to drink tonight, but espresso martinis don’t count.”

Here, Avani Gregg takes us behind-the-scenes of how she got ready for the night.

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And more from inside the dinner:

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