Duendita Makes Soothing Music That Might Be "A Little Emo"

Duendita uses her art as a mode of learning and growing, personally and with everything around her. "It's my mission in life to get even closer to myself in every way, and especially with my body physically," she told NYLON. "Music and performance is going to be the window that leads me there, to a certain kind of safety that I don't necessarily have with my body now. But we on the way," she laughed.

The Queens-based singer shared her voice with the NYLON team at Park Church Co-op in Brooklyn, and the resulting mini-concert will have you hitting that replay button again and again. Get to know Duendita, above, and check out her debut album, direct line to My Creator, on Spotify.

Camera: Dani Okon + Charlotte Prager

Edited by: Charlotte Prager

Produced by: Alexandra Hsie

Location: Park Church Co-op, Brooklyn NY