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'PEN15' Will Dig Up All Your Most Embarrassing Middle School Memories

Brought to you by The Lonely Island, no less

Prepare for the most traumatic of your middle school memories to hit Hulu, thanks to PEN15. Produced by The Lonely Island the show is a comedic take on the seventh grade, and will have you reeling from all your most vivid memories of wanting a thong and practicing for your first kiss.

In it, 31-year-old Maya Erksine and 24-year-old Anna Konkle play 13-year-olds in the year 2000. The rest of the cast? Actual 13-year-olds. It makes it so, so much more awkward and funny and strange to see these comparatively very large adults giving their very small crushes bloody noses on the kickball field, or being caught by their parents as they figure out how to masturbate. You won't even remember how fresh these memories are in your mind until you're crumpling up into a ball via secondhand embarrassment.

There's not a ton revealed about any sort of overarching plot, but according to Deadline, the first season is 10 episodes long, and will be released all at once for all your bingeing enjoyment.

Mentally prepare yourself to revisit these long-repressed memories before PEN15 hits Hulu on February 8. Watch the official trailer, below.