Tove Lo's Aquarius Moon Balances Out Her Scorpio Emotions

What do the stars have to say about Tove Lo? The singer, who released breakup support anthem"Glad He's Gone" at the end of last month, sat down with NYLON's resident astrologer, Gala Mukomolova, to learn more about how her Scorpio sun, Aquarius moon, and Capricorn rising sign affect how she moves about the world.

Despite the intense emotions that come with being a Scorpio, "people think of Aquarians as cooler, more reserved in some ways emotionally... [you have] both of these qualities within you," Gala tells Tove Lo, emphasizing that the musician rolls with her mistakes to learn from them, and then throws it all into her music.

Learn more from Tove Lo's astrological reading in the video, above.

Produced by: Alexandra Hsie

Camera: Charlotte Prager + Gretta Wilson

Edited by: Madeline Stedman + Dani Okon

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