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The 'Sex Education' Season 2 Trailer Reunites Maeve & Otis

I still ship it

Your favorite pseudo-therapists are back together again for Sex Education Season 2 on Netflix. Otis (Asa Butterfield) and Maeve (Emma Mackey) are "back in business" in the new trailer released on Tuesday, and it seems that the sparks have anything but died down between the two. Otis is still dating Ola (Patricia Allison), but after watching the clip, it appears that their relationship will be facing an uncertain future.

As things heat up between Otis and Ola, the couple is faced with the absolute worst news any horny teen could: they're "basically" siblings. They discover their respective parents, Jean (Gillian Anderson) and Jakob (Mikael Persbrandt) are an item mid-trailer (and mid-f*ck); we don't get to see how they decide to handle the new information moving forward, but it might just make things easier for Otis to reignite things with Maeve. They do, after all, restart their sex education business by the close of the clip.

But, what's going on with Adam (Connor Swindells) and Eric (Ncuti Gatwa)? Well, it seems that a hot new French student has eyes for Eric, and will cinematically make a move *just* as Adam returns to figure out whatever the hell they started at the end of Season 1.

Watch the trailer for Sex Education Season 2 below. The full season hits Netflix on January 17.