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The Most Confusing Thing About 'The Sisterhood Of The Traveling Pants' Wasn't The Magic Pants

There's no way they're all straight, right?

The most head-scratching thing about The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants was never the pair of magical pants. Sure, it's still baffling how one pair of denim pants can fit four differently shaped women perfectly, especially since it is so difficult to find one pair of jeans to fit one woman perfectly in a single trip to the mall. But even more baffling is that we're supposed to believe that every single member of this friendship quad is Very Straight.

Musician Adult Mom, aka Steph Knipe, posed this very important question to Twitter:

A simple Google Images search, if you don't have the entire film committed to memory, will remind you of the queer aesthetics of the film. Amber Tamblyn's blue hair streak? Super gay. Alexis Bledel's prairie skirts? Horse-girl gay. Even the simple act of sharing a pair of jeans so determinately is gay enough to have me rethinking this entire film.

I'd love if the cast could please advise on how they feel about this. Maybe Ann Brashares, author of the book that started it all, could weigh in, too? Find me on my couch this weekend psychoanalyzing every single moment of this movie again.