Stella Santana Wants You To "Tell The Truth"

The singer premieres her new music video with NYLON

Step inside the sun-soaked apartment where Stella Santana and Kamauu are setting the scene for their new visual, "Tell The Truth," which premieres today, exclusively via NYLON.

Singer-songwriter Santana—yes, the daughter of Carlos Santana—was brought together with her "Tell The Truth" collaborator in a not-so-traditional way. She tells NYLON, "I was on a train back from Boston, late summer 2017, when a mutual fan connected me and Kamauu on Twitter," and the rest is musical history. "Kamauu and I booked a session with my producer Lynas for the very next day and 'Tell the Truth' was born. We're so excited to finally share it! Everyone involved with this one is a gem."

It's impossible to deny Santana and Kamauu's chemistry when taking a first look at the music video. If not for the context, I would assume they'd long known each other, simply opening up their humble living space to invite fans into an intimate musical world. Santana's poppy R&B and Kamauu's unique vocal stylings create a unique, chill vibe that'll send you off into the end of the week in the perfect mood.

Watch the video for "Tell The Truth" below.

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