Photo courtesy of Supergoop!


Supergoop! Just Launched The First Beauty Product Of Its Kind

Consider this your newest beach bag staple

We all know the importance of wearing a daily SPF—but are you making sure you're covering all of the bases?

According to sun-care experts Supergoop!, studies show that five to 10 percent of skin cancers are found around the eyes and on the scalp—two areas that are often ignored when it comes to SPF application. That's why the brand just launched two innovative new products created specifically for these delicate areas.

First up? Shimmershade, the very first sun-protective eyeshadow. Boasting SPF 30, this long-wear cream formula uses a mix of mineral and clean chemical actives to protect your peepers from harmful UV rays. Soothing ingredients such as rose, roman chamomile, jasmine, and sunflower ensure your lids are protected with color that won't crease, flake, or fade.

Marking the brand's first venture into color cosmetics, Shimmershade is available in four universally flattering shimmery shades: First Light, a sparkling beige; Sunset, a golden bronze; Daydream, a shimmery rose gold; and Golden Hour, a golden tan. Due to their neutral shades, these are perfect for swiping on the go at the beach—no brush needed. Hot tip? They also work as a luminous eyeshadow base for any eye look you want to create.

Photo courtesy of Supergoop!

In addition to the new shadows, the brand has also launched a first-ever sun-safe SPF for the scalp, Poof Part Powder. This 100 percent mineral-based broad spectrum SPF 45 protects your scalp from harmful UV rays without messing up your 'do. An aerosol-free nozzle sprays powder directly on the roots and part, using a combination of zinc oxide, vitamin C, and silica to absorb excess oils—essentially making it a dry shampoo with sun-protective benefits. What more could we ask for?

Not only will we be throwing these into our beach bags come summer, but we'll definitely be incorporating them into our everyday routines as well.