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TikTok Users Are Sharing An Easy Solution For Big, Diffused Curls

Revived curls in just a few simple steps

Curly-haired TikTok users unite. The latest trend on the video sharing platform is all about celebrating big, beautiful natural curls — and teaches you how to get them. Since @moothless shared a TikTok curl diffusing tutorial in February, others have joined in, filling TikTok feeds everywhere with videos of bouncy, natural curls that are relatively easy to achieve.

Based on the beauty guidance of @moothless, the entire process begins with damp curls. Using the leave-in conditioner of your choice — @moothless uses African Pride — you rake the product thoroughly through your curls. Then, you rake oil through the hair.

After applying product, you should section off your hair, and further brush the product through each section of your curls. Then apply gel, but do not rake the gel through, as you simply want to clump the product in your curls. For the drying process, you'll need a diffuser and a dryer with heat on high, and the fan on high. @moothless notes that you do not touch your hair at all during the drying process.

Once the gel appears to be set, you move the diffuser to your roots, "massaging" them as the TikTok genius instructs. From there, you should apply the dryer upwards, and then once dried, get a pick, poof, and ta-da, perfect curls.

Using @moothless's instruction, others have been sharing their experience with the tutorial. Those with "pin straight" hair have seen seriously incredible results, and of course, those with curls have also expressed their appreciation for the tutorial.

This isn't the only curly hair tutorial that's caught the attention of TikTok users. Previously, some had turned to socks, creating tight ringlets through a viral challenge that's also relatively simply to replicate.

Try your hand at the diffuser tutorial method, below.