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5 Actually Genius TikTok Hair Tutorials

From space buns to short hair updos.

In just a matter of seconds, the hair geniuses over at TikTok can teach you something entirely new. The social media platform has become a place for ingenious beauty hacks, and thanks to some of its creators, you can finally master some of the hottest hair trends. TIkTok has already provided plenty of inspiration for your next makeup look, but as these videos demonstrates, TikTok is also home to numerous hair tutorials, with easy-to-follow instructions for all styles, lengths, and types of hair.

Whether you're bored in the house or in need of a new way to style your favorite updo, these TikTok videos will provide you some with genius ideas. Fans have already fallen in love with sock curled hair and this easy method of diffusing curls, but the platform is also home to videos on re-creating the perfect space bun, a method of turning your average updo into something glorious, and even a style approved for short hair.

Below, scroll through some of the best TikTok hair tutorials, and if you really want to take your beauty game to a brand new level, you could always pair a hair tutorial with one of the platform's many makeup tutorials. Getting a complete beauty routine is only a swipe away.

Space Buns

Space buns have long been a celebrity style staple, with artists including Ariana Grande and Selena Gomez all giving their spin on the adorable hair routine. The spacey routine is also a favorite among TikTok users, with videos on rocking the style that apply to all hair types. For this tutorial, Jas proved that even those of us with serious ringlets can sport the look.

VSCO Girl Bun

A Hydro Flask isn't needed to complete this look, but you will want to grab your favorite scrunchies. The Internet has fallen in love with the VSCO girl look, and this tutorial will help you achieve their artfully created bun, face framing fringe included.

A Moment Of Fake Glam

Your next updo doesn't need hours to complete. This TikTok tutorial uses a relatively simple process of braiding and twisting hair to create an extravagant look made for lounging around the house or your next big event.

An Updo Made For Short Hair

Even those with short hair can join in on the updo fun. This style uses a half ponytail and some hairspray to create a teased out ponytail with curls.

The Potentially Best Way To Use A Curling Iron

As it turns out, you might be using one of the most trusted hair tools in your regimen totally wrong. Before you get to work on curling your hair with an iron, you should probably take some guidance from this video, which provides instructions on the best and correct way to curl.