Where To Travel Next, According To Your Zodiac Sign

Let the stars guide you to a new destination

While picking your wedding dress or engagement ring based on your zodiac sign is something I only recommend half-seriously (to say, not at all), choosing where to travel on your next vacation based on astrology seems to me as good of a way as any other. Unless you have a bucket list with places you want to go to in the next 10 years, in the specific order that you want to go to them in (what are you, a Virgo?), usually a destination is determined by the budget, available travel dates, and a general idea of what you want to do.

With this in mind, ahead, the destinations you should maybe definitely visit, all based on your astrological sign.


Photograph by Ippei Naoi/Getty Images.

The most adventurous sign of the zodiac, an Aries needs an adrenaline-inducing vacation to match. Destinations like Thailand and New Zealand call these restless rams with promises of whitewater rafting, jungle hikes to waterfalls, and bungee jumping. An Aries will find plenty of rush-proving activities in Cairns, Australia, that's in close proximity to the Great Barrier Reef and Wet Tropics, among other World Heritage wonders.

Stay at: The most northern property on the Great Barrier Reef (!), Lizard Island Resort offers unparalleled water views, several private beaches, and stunning suites and villas with no shortage of experiences, from diving to snorkeling, available.


Photograph courtesy of the Royal Mansour.

These Earth signs like to indulge in the good life—but don't confuse "good" for being "popular" or "expensive." Ruled by Venus, Taurean bulls are too practical to spend money just because something has become a tourist hotbed. (They will though if it's something that's genuinely worth the price-tag.) A Taurus wants a destination where they can go from having a pampering local spa treatment to eating an uncomplicated, yet fresh and delicious, dish plucked straight from the ocean/backyard/forest in an unfussy setting and having authentic experiences native to the destination as opposed to organized tours. Marrakech, Morocco, fits the bill with its luxe accommodations, incredible hammams, and many sights to see and delicacies to eats.

Stay at: In possession of an onsite spa (with a hammam), luxe riads, and three-Michelin-star-chef-run restaurants, it doesn't get much more luxurious than the Royal Mansour, which is also located in close proximity to the famous Jemaa el-Fnaa square and marketplace and Bahia palace and gardens. It's the perfect retreat to come back to following a full day of exploring.


Aerial view of Buenos Aires and Plaza Congreso (Congress Square) in High Resolution - Buenos Aires, ArgentinaPhotograph by diegograndi/Getty Images.

Gemini travelers are the types that scream that they don't want to lay bored on the beach; yet take them to any pool of water, be it an ocean or a hot spring or a lake, and they will sit in it for hours, until their fingertips prune 10 times over. All to say: These volatile Mercury-ruled signs don't know what they want. So it's best to go with a city with easy access to the beach like Miami, Rio de Janeiro, and Barcelona. Even better if the destination boasts a wine country and nature, in addition to a rich city life and a beach that is. All to say: Geminis should go to Buenos Aires, Argentina, for the culture and the beach, and then to Patagonia, for the glaciers, nature, and mountains, and Mendoza, for the wine.

Stay at: Located in the historical, cobblestoned neighborhood of San Telmo in front of Plaza Dorrego—that often plays host to street performers, vendors, and tango dancers—Anselmo Buenos Aires is a great way for Geminis to start their journey in this country. They won't be there for long anyway.


Photograph courtesy of JOALI.

Notoriously romantic, a Cancer would feel at home in a honeymoon destination, like Paris or Charleston, even on a trip with friends. If the destination is waterside, even better for these water signs who like to stay in proximity to their element. While French Polynesia and Hawaii call to Cancers with their promises of picturesque beaches and soft sands, Maldives is where they will feel completely at ease, surrounded by peaceful landscapes and calm waters—and with far fewer people.

Stay at: Located on an island that you have to take a seaplane to, JOALI is the epitome of luxury and privacy with its stunning over-water and land bungalows, a trendy Japanese restaurant, and a holistic spa with a hammam.


Photograph courtesy of Marina Bay Sands.

Love to be seen and heard, these fire signs can't resist a luxurious destination that overwhelms the senses with opulence and experiences. While Dubai, Bermuda, and Hong Kong are all bustling (and expensive) destinations that would satisfy their luxe needs, I haven't yet met a Leo who doesn't want to go to Singapore, especially after watching the very good Crazy Rich Asians.

Stay at: If you are looking to recreate that iconic last scene from the movie, look no further than Marina Bay Sands, the home of the SkyPark that holds the famous infinity pool, an observation deck, and several bars and restaurants on the 57th floor overlooking the city.


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The control freak of the zodiac, a Virgo will need a perfectly planned vacation, with every minute accounted for and a plan B for each itinerary point should a restaurant—that, note, doesn't take reservations (because, obviously, a Virgo would try to make a reservation first; what are they a Gemini?!)—be suddenly closed for a private event or an outdoor excursion canceled due to bad weather. While cities, with their endless options, would hold plenty to do for these earth signs, Virgos also tend to love (sometimes secretly, but shhh, I didn't tell you) the controlled settings of cruises, but, like, cool ones to, say, the Galápagos Islands or Alaska, and the myriad of activities that they typically offer.

Stay at: Oceania Cruises' latest Alaska expansion offers an array of unique experiences in off-the-beaten-path ports, such as glacier tours, crabbing in the Bering Sea, or kayaking along the Icy Strait Point.


Photo courtesy of The Barcelona EDITION.

True to their balanced natures, Libras like a destination that will be equal parts relaxing and exciting, urban but also full of green getaways, have a good modern arts and culture scene but also be full of historic gems. They will find this in cities like Tokyo, Mexico City, and Rome, but Barcelona, Spain, is the destination calling their name with its especially excellent selection of historic sites and museums, award-winning restaurants, buoyant nightlife, and proximity to the beach and parks.

Stay at: Just the view from the rooftop restaurant should convince you to stay at the chic and minimalist Barcelona EDITION hotel located in the hip El Born District. The plunge pool (also located on the roof), cabaret supper club, and the stunning rooms are just an added (and very welcome!) bonus.


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The fewer clothes a Scorpio can wear on a vacation, the better. Ruled by Pluto, the planet of death and sex, these water signs want to let off steam, and be in a steamy destination, when it comes to their time off. Ibiza, Spain; Cannes, France; and Miami are all places with enough action to keep these fiery water signs mingling day and night. For those looking for more than just the beach and socializing, Las Vegas could hold even more interest with celebrity chef restaurants and swanky cocktail bars (a Scorpio loves to eat and drink well), plenty of shows (including celebrity residences that are often a favorite for Scorpios), and luxurious spas and pools (to help detox come the morning and do it all over again).

Stay at: After undergoing some big renovations, The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas has debuted an array of new food and drink experiences, including an urban food hall—with the likes of Nashville's famous Hattie B's Hot Chicken and NYC's beloved tequila/mezcal cocktail Ghost Donkey—Red Plate, a new Chinese dining concept, and a speakeasy with an extensive whiskey collection and live music performances, that's set to debut this spring.


The most well-traveled of the zodiac signs, Sagittarius needs a lot to be wowed; they've seen so much already, whether in-person or through their extensive research, that there are few destinations that they don't have an opinion or knowledge about. Which is why experiences like a sustainable safari or a train through Southeast Asia or Russia would be their pick of choice. In fact for these Jupiter-ruled signs, it's not so much about the destination as it is about experiencing something entirely new, like the Northern and Southern Lights in Iceland, Finland, Sweden, and Norway.

Stay at: One of the accommodations suggested by Off the Map Travel, like the above Manshausen cabins, with floor-to-ceiling windows, overlooking the Norwegian Sea that will allow Sags to marvel in both the Northern Lights and the Midnight Sun.


Photograph courtesy of Andaz Mayakoba.

Pragmatic and efficient, those born under the sign of Capricorn are the most likely to look at an article with a list of countries where the dollar is strongest (yes it's a thing, probably written by a Cap) when making their decision on where to travel, which could have them flying to Argentina, Costa Rica, or Canada. For East Coast-residing Capricorns, Quintana Roo, Mexico, will make the most sense given the many affordable flight options, quick travel time, and the favorable exchange rate.

Stay at: Situated in between the trendy (read: overpriced, crowded) Tulum and popular Cancun (read: loud, crowded), Playa del Carmen is the perfect destination for these strong-willed signs who refuse to compromise on anything and hate crowded spaces. The beachside Mayakoba community—made up of man-made lagoons and jungles—will please them with its privacy, while the aesthetic of the beautifully designed Andaz Mayakoba and the two separate pool and accommodation areas (with enough room for everyone) will prove to be a suitable home for these picky signs.


Photograph courtesy of Retreat at Blue Lagoon Iceland.

Notably concerned with the environment and responsible travel, an Aquarius is probably behind popularizing the eco-travel trend. While Costa Rica has become one of the most popular eco-travel destinations to visit, thanks to its impressive environment conservation efforts, Iceland is one to visit soon for its absolutely breathtaking glaciers (truly a must visit!) that, if global warming continues the way it has, unfortunately, won't be around for much longer.

Stay at: Located on the actual Blue Lagoon, the Retreat at Blue Lagoon Iceland provides unlimited access to the spa and the lagoon and in close proximity to Reykjavik, should you want to explore the city following trips to the glaciers and other breathtaking sights.


Photograph courtesy of Inn at Dos Brisas.

A Pisces loves water, yes, but, in our astrologically unscientific opinion, that would be too much of an obvious choice for these misunderstood overthinkers, and they deserve better. Plus they so often find themselves planning last-minute vacations—because they've obviously spent too long deciding on where they want to go—that a flight isn't even an option for their budget. A road trip could, of course, lead them to waterside destinations like Big Sur, California; Newport, Rhode Island; Hamptons, New York, but with all their recent dreams of getting away from everyone, physically and mentally, we see them on a road trip through Texas. Yes, Texas, where they might hit stops like Big Bend, Marfa, and end up somewhere relatively off-the-grid where little human interaction is required and animals, especially horses, are present.

Stay at: A ranch located on 313 acres in the southern foothills of the Texas Hill Country, the Inn at Dos Brisas has nine Spanish-style haciendas and casitas with private heated plunge pools and fireplaces. If a Pisces isn't seduced by the vegetable-centric restaurant, that uses produce plucked right from the property garden and greenhouse, they will be by the full equestrian facility, which offers riding lessons and trail tours.