This Product Is Like Sunday Riley’s Good Genes But For Your Body

A baby smooth bum forever

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Body care was never really high on my beauty priority list. The order goes: face, hair, maybe nails, sometimes feet, and then the rest of it. I wash and moisturize my parts every day of course, but that's as far as my dedication went. It wasn't something I thought too much about, until I had to.

A little more than a year ago, I attempted to get serious about fitness. As a result, I started developing breakouts on mostly my back, but also my chest and butt area. Maybe it was my body rebelling against trying to get in shape or, more likely, it was the sweat and dirt that accumulated after working out. Either way, I went searching for a solution.

I started out with scrubs, which were fine, but I also found that they tend to straddle the line of being too abrasive or not abrasive enough. I'd been hearing a lot about the Salux Wash Cloth, which ended up being a savior, but I was still left with stubborn dark marks to tend to (I also read somewhere that physically exfoliating certain parts of your body can make breakouts worse). It wasn't until I discovered True Botanical's Resurfacing Body Mask that my vanity woes started to subside.

The main ingredient in the product is lactic acid, which gently exfoliates dead skin while keeping it firm and bright. It's also the same ingredient in Sunday Riley's Good Genes, which has a cult following for its ability to give you super-smooth skin. So, think of this body mask as doing that, but from the neck down. Wipe it on to dry skin before hopping in the shower, wait up to 15 minutes, then wash it off. It's not going to rid you of whatever skin ailment your body is facing (it's also said to be great for people suffering from keratosis pilaris) right away, but it will with time and patience. I've been using it for a good three to four months now, and my skin remains even-textured even when I go to hot yoga and don't change out of my clothes until after brunch.

You might be thinking: Umm it's winter right now and 90 percent of my body is covered in layers anyway. That's true! You're smart and observant and know how seasons work. But this is also the perfect time for you to start using it so that, by the time swimsuit months do roll around, your body (or at least the skin on your body) is primed and smooth and ready to go. Future you on the beach says thank you.

True Botanicals, Resurfacing Body Mask, $48, available at True Botanicals.