Pig Yoga Is Just As Magical As You'd Expect

We went to Tuck Barre and Yoga to take its pig yoga class, and it was amazing.

We think that yoga is always better with animals—and as soon as we heard that pig yoga existed, we obviously had to try it out. Move over, goat yoga, we have a new animal yoga obsession.

Tuck Barre & Yoga in Philadelphia offers a pig yoga class, where attendees are encouraged to spend just as much time exercising as they are playing with the pigs. Poses incorporate the animals into the practice, and give yogis the opportunity to feed the pigs treats and give them the attention they deserve.

As if we needed any more reason to incorporate pig yoga into our lifestyle, Callie Kim, Tuck's yoga instructor, told us that all the proceeds from the classes go to Fairy Tail Acres, a rescue that trains abandoned pigs to be therapy animals.

See what goes down in a pig yoga class, above.


Shot and edited by Charlotte Prager