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The 'Valley Girl' Trailer Has Your '80s Nostalgia Needs Covered

Available digitally starting May 8

Quarantine has placed a nostalgia haze over all aspects of life pre-pandemic. Malls, restaurants, house parties, and the like feel akin to places of worship! You may not be able to access these space in real life for the foreseeable future, but you can live vicariously — plus be privy to some musical theatre dance numbers — through the remake of the seminal 80s film Valley Girl.

The film follows Julie, a valley girl who has it all. She's popular and goes to a well-to-do school, and like any protagonist worth her story arc, has a need for adventure. When her and her friends head over the hill to Hollywood for some much needed excitement, Julie meets a punk named Randy, and gets her world turned upside down. Randy challenges Julie's view on life, which is a cause for concern according to her friends and family. The original film was loosely based on Romeo and Juliet, so we're thinking the remake will follow suit, just with less death and more dancing to a 80s soundtrack.

Valley Girl features a stacked cast including Jessica Rothe and Josh Whitehouse as Julie and Randy, Mae Whitman, Rob Huebel, Camila Morrone, and teen rom-com delights Judy Greer and Alicia Silverstone. Catch it digitally starting May 8.