Here’s Your First Look at Adele Singing Carpool Karaoke

because everything has to be teased now

From the man that brought you this epic, 13-minute long carpool karaoke session with One Direction comes something destined to go even more viral: Adele. 

James Corden has done what could be considered the impossible and gotten Adele to agree to ride around in car with him, sing her hits, and listen to him sing her hits. Because nothing can ever just happen out of the blue, and the element of surprise is a thing that simply doesn’t exist in this day and age, here is a preview clip. You can probably already guess what songs Adele and Corden will be singing: “Hello,” “Rolling In The Deep,” and maybe “Someone Like You”? You can also already guess that there will be a boatload of British humor, which is great because Adele is funny and British humor is funny, which will make this one of the most charmingly sardonic editions of Carpool Karaoke The Late Late Show has seen. How many curse words will Adele utter? Will she lament over how she has forever changed the way we all read and say the phrase “Hello. It’s me.”? (It's really impossible to read that phrase and not hear her singing it.) Oh, and it looks like there's going to be some nice coffee talk/honesty hour/"my nailbeds suck" kind of moments. 

Anyway, watch the trailer above. It’s the most you’ll get before the full thing airs Wednesday and subsequently floods the Internet the morning after.