Aimée Osbourne Nails This LCD Soundsystem Cover

aro cements her place on the dark pop roster

When most people hear the name Aimée Osbourne, they think of her as the mysterious Osbourne offspring. But under the moniker ARO, she makes moody synth-pop music that sounds like a soundtrack for our darkest of dreams. (As a member of the Osbourne family, it makes sense.) We love everything about Aimée from her style and music to her vibes. She's all set to release a new EP this spring, and today we're premiering her cover of LCD Soundsystem's "I Can Change." It's one of our favorite songs of all time, so we couldn't think of a better person to crank out their own version.

"James Murphy has a very rare ability to remain vulnerable and raw, whilst capturing a sense of irony and twisted humor in his songwriting. There are thousands of songs written about heartbreak, so few capture that combination of conflicting emotions the way James can, that’s what drew me to the song," Osbourne told us in an email. "Making a cover can be tricky. You choose a song because you love it and not because you necessarily think you can do a better job, just a different one. It was really important that I made this cover my own, I intuitively believed I could. So when I first played my version to people, I didn't tell them it was a cover, I wanted the most honest reaction. No one figured it out right away, I knew then that I had achieved something special with covering this incredible song."

Listen to the cover in the video, above! Catch ARO on tour at 

The Echo

in Los Angeles on February 9, and at SXSW in March.