ARO Gets Even Darker In “Cocaine Style”

watch her monochrome video

Synth-pop artist ARO—moniker for Aimée Osbourne—has been on our radar ever since she made her official musical debut. Stepping out of the shadows cast by her very famous family members, Osbourne has managed to take the attention away from her heritage. ARO's latest music video for "Cocaine Style" is dark to the core, and dare we say, creeps into noir territory. Shot in black and white, we're exposed to Hollywood's ominous side. The intent behind the song itself is pretty straight forward, which Osbourne explained in an interview with NOISEY. Evidently, she was surrounded by people that were doing a lot of cocaine at the time. But the drug wasn't necessarily what she had a problem with—it was the lifestyle that it caters to.

"It was the sense of entitlement and the sense of being untouchable and using this drug as some type of a glamorous accessory. I don't know, I just found it to be kind of bizarre," she said. "I think it's about when people choose to really indulge in the negative parts of themselves and totally neglect to consider how that affects people around them and ultimately themselves and their choices."

Watch the entire video, below!