Photo by Stephanie Dimiskovski


Asukal’s New Track Is For “U Alone”

The perfect track for spilling your feelings to that special someone on your mind

You know when you have a crush so intense, you just can't figure out how to communicate properly with them? Asukal has a song for that. The electro candy-pop singer reveals her latest single "U Alone" today, exclusively with NYLON.

The singer tells us that the track is about a crush that kind of just sneaks up on you. "Eventually," she explains, "your thoughts bubble up and just turn into word vomit because you can't hide how you feel anymore." She adds, "It’s about clumsily wanting to impress someone, but deeply caring for them at the same time—even before you fully realize it—and desiring to do everything in your power to give them support, love, and success without any ulterior motives."

Asukal—the Filipino word for "sugar"—is the synth-heavy project of Raquel Undheim. On "U Alone," we hear a stripped-back version of Asukal, letting her articulate vocals glide over the bare, jittery synth rhythm and bass. Instead of coming across as agitated or frenetic, her vocals sink into the laid-back beat, offering a confident R&B-tinged version of the singer, coming clean to the one she loves.

Stream "U Alone," below.