Bradley Cooper’s Look-alike On How To Properly Crash A Hollywood Party

hint: look like bradley cooper

by daniel barna

By now you've likely heard tales of an expert party crasher who ran amok beyond Sundance's frosty gates, using his uncanny resemblance to Bradley Cooper as a golden ticket into some of the festival's most exclusive bashes. Over the course of the festival, the doppelgänger reportedly talked his way beyond the velvet rope of events like the White Girl fête, before those in charge finally caught wind of what was going on, and sentenced him to a meaningless existence with all the other plebes. 

At first, we thought this story would become just another piece of sacred Sundance lore, an urban legend whispered about in the dimly lit corners of Party Crashers Anonymous meetings everywhere. But as it turns out, the man in question saw an opportunity to achieve actual fame, and decided to seize it. His name is Matt Katzenbach, and as he tells Page Sixhe and his identical twin, Scott, have been mistaken for the American Sniper star since they were teenagers. "Every day [we are recognized] at least two to five times,” he said.

To prove to the world that he's not delusional, Katzenbach decided to record a video of his supreme party crashing skills, and released it under the pseudonym "Cradley Booper." In it, you'll see Katzenbach name drop some of Cooper's famous friends, pose for photographs with fans like an old pro, and even deliver some expert French, as the real Cooper is prone to do

And while the whole thing looks like a blast, Katzenbach's Sundance experience left him thinking that maybe fame isn't all it's cracked up to be. "Everyone is asking for pictures or autographs to boost their status. It comes at the expense of [a celebrity’s] privacy – of their being able to be and act like a normal human," he said. “In a way I feel sorry for him and for all of the [celebrities]. Some of them want it, right? But I wouldn’t want that life at all."

Breathe easy, Bradley. It looks like your reign as the number one Cooper is safe. For now.