Photo by Nicholas Hunt/Getty Images.

Bradley Cooper’s Sundance Party-Crashing Doppelgänger Has Been Exposed

oop! it’s not bcoop!

Bradley Cooper’s look-alike can party at Sundance, but he can’t hide. A Jezebel commenter sleuthed their way to finding a photo of the doppelgänger. As you can probably guess, he sort of resembles the Joy actor. He also sort of doesn't.

Rather, the nameless doppelgänger is more wide-eyed than Bradley Cooper. He also has an oval-shaped face, while the real BCoop has a rectangle one. The grey beanie is a nice disguise, though. If we were rocking beer goggles at a cold, puffer-jacket Sundance party, we’d probably mistake the doppelgänger for the real thing, too. Or we wouldn’t, but would still take a selfie with him and punk our friends because life is short. Live, laugh, love…amirite?