Jenny Slate Tells Us Who She Thinks Is The Ultimate It Girl

Hint: She’s notorious

Jenny Slate, It Girl of our hearts (and of NYLON's October issue), never fails to make us laugh. "What if I just didn’t know what I was doing here today?" the comedian joked as she rocked a silver trench coat with "nothing underneath." "I'm not sure if I'm supposed to sleuth in space or whatever."

Slate had plenty of It Girls of her own to look up to in her own life, from her Nana Connie to Shirley Manson of Garbage. "I guess an It Girl can be a full woman," Slate explained. "Like, a grown-up woman… ‘cause I’m a grown-up woman, and I’m sitting here on this block." Her ultimate It Girl? Ruth Bader Ginsburg. We couldn't agree more. 

Watch the video, above.


Shot by Dani Okon

Edited by Charlotte Prager