Photo by Emma McIntyre/Getty Images


Cardi B Used A Plastic “Dinglehopper” To Fix Her Wig

Real-life Little Mermaid

When Cardi B couldn't find a brush, she improvised to make sure her hair look was on point. The rapper grabbed a plastic fork to fix up her wig, and her hairstylist caught it all on video.

Cardi B shared the moment to her Instagram story, captioning it, "When you don’t have a brush you use a fork," but her hairstylist made sure the moment lived on forever by adding it to her IG grid. 

Tokyo Stylez added the proper terminology for the "tool" too, dinglehopper, pointing out the hilarious similarity between Cardi's styling hack and the Little Mermaid's use of an eating utensil to comb her mane.

On a different note, this weekend, Cardi celebrated her 26th birthday, rocking a serious leopard print set that confirmed in our minds just how perfect she'd be to play Fran Drescher's daughter if The Nanny ever gets a reboot.